RoboAwesome's Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage | Review (Xbox 360)

Koei’s latest effort to mix up their long running, body-count laden Dynasty Warriors series is the acquisition of the classic martial arts manga, Fist of the North Star (FotNS). If you aren’t familiar with the franchise, you are missing out big time. Set in a barren 1980′s post-apocalyptic wasteland, FotNS follows Kenshiro, a mash-up of Bruce Lee and Mad Max, on his journey to restore balance to the art of Hokuto Shinken in a dark new era of mankind. The series is most well-known, of course, for the brutal violence associated with the cast’s ridiculous head (and other parts) exploding fighting styles. Yes, in the world of FotNS, a single punch can cause the person unfortunate enough to receive one to balloon from the inside and explode into giblets. Koei has taken this setting, and applied it quite successfully to their contemporary take on the classic brawler genre, and while it can get repetitive, it definitely delivers hours of bloody fun, especially for fans of the series.

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