No GT5 PS3 Racing Pack Bundle for the rest of Us

Conflicting Gamers, "Not sure you even knew there was such a bundle, but Japan and Japan ONLY will be getting a Gran Turismo 5 PS3 Racing Pack in Titanium Blue as pictured. Gamers holding out on buying a PS3 all this time will most definitely want a bundle that is a Special Edition for a series that they been holding out for, for way to long."

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Mamajuana2985d ago

They should have done this for all 3 major regions.

ABizzel12985d ago

They're missing out on a huge potential sale boost.

vsr2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Sony bundles it on PAL regions e.g Aus Faceplate,

I think in US/EU the bundle will be sold after the game's release but before christmas. (nov 30 - dec 25)

Dee_912985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

but we will get gt5 bundle

before all the trollz come in with the " oooez noooez sony only like japs " crap as stated bellow

karl2985d ago

sony doesnt need US

it should be sold in EU though ..

darthv722985d ago

Particularly...the move and camera. The game supports it. If sony wants to push the move then it seems only logical that this be the ultimate GT5 experience bundle.

You sell a ton of these and then you get your move penetration in the market and more and more support for it will happen.

If they dont then......

Persistantthug2985d ago

A Bundle in the proportions of what you're talking about would be what....$430 - $450...maybe a 500 GB Harddrive for for $499?

Most companies are trying to not go the douchebag rout this holiday season.
We are still in a financial crisis here in the US and bringing out a 500 dollar console would put "douchebag" implications all over Sony and the PS3 brand.

Companies think about those kind of things.

darthv722985d ago

No problem. I can see how that type of bundle would cost a...bundle.

Think about it though. This is sony. They can comp lots of things a hell of allot easier than Ms. MS has to turn to 3rd parties for stuff to make a bundle.

The stuff in that GT5 bundle IS all sony's. I could them doing it but unfortunately, they arent. Still a nice bundle by the way.

It needs to come out elsewhere, unless.....they have other plans for localized GT5 bundles.

Persistantthug2985d ago

Sony already has a 320GB/Move Bundle out and for sale already ($399).

I mean for it to even be reasonable in terms of selling in this economy....Sony would have to give that bundle WITH GT5 included.

So are you saying Sony should give all that?

I'm gonna say, maybe they should...maybe...but that would be assuming Sony wants to be really aggressive is moving MOVE's.

That would be a good bundle though.

maxcer2985d ago

@ Dmarc

"before all the trollz come in with the " oooez noooez sony only like japs " crap as stated bellow"

you might be too young or ignorant to realize this but "japs" is derogatory and racist.

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r1sh122985d ago

its clear from things like this that sony puts Japan first.
THey are within their right to use that strategy since its their home market.
I have no issue they do these things, but they should consider other markets with an equally open mind, since many people around the world would like to buy a ps3 if they havent already.
Personally (opinion) I dont think GT5 is as big a system mover compared with other games. Im sure more people would like Black Ops with what ever console they buy, although I am also sure that many stores will have their own PS3 GT5 bundles.

vhero2985d ago

I agree limited consoles sell very well I have no idea why they don't do them in other regions.. especially Europe..

Mizz_mai2984d ago

..This is what annoy's me about sony,they need to regain their popularity back in formally strong territories such as the U.S & U,K and they exclude us from such shopping goodness IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!.

Microsoft flog anything they can and that's a good thing because i've bought every limited edition 360 they've released and im still gonna buy my hubby the 4GB kinect bundle...come on sony get it together it's not 97' anymore!!!!!

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Nariko-20112985d ago

Yeah that sounds just about right. But wait...Sony are going the greedy route here, they KNOW people WILL BUY this game. They KNOW people WILL BUY PS3's for this game. They KNOW it is more lucrative to sell then separately. For once I'm impressed with Sony's business sense

seij5552985d ago

You're just a sad little troll.

DigitalRaptor2985d ago

Yep. Only a troll would come away from an article like this with that sort of logic.

vhero2985d ago

There will be a PS3 bundle though just a black PS3 so your point fails Nariko..

Prcko2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

hmm not rly,europe is gt seller!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2985d ago

Japan only. So they ARE actually snubbing they're biggest market.

Raoh2985d ago

SCEJ needs to let it go and let scea and scee make some decisions and get some love..

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