In-depth Review: Kinect Adventures - Electronic Theatre

Adventure mode is the core of the game for the challenge-hungry audience. Offering four Adventure series of increasing difficulty and number of events, completion of the Adventure mode offers Living Statues – animated trophies that mark your success and, along with the photos taken during a game, can be uploaded to for sharing with friends on social networking websites or download to your PC. A final option, Timed Play, alters the games from score attacks to time-pressured events, which acts as an additional distraction rather than a distinguished third mode.

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mgirl2987d ago

Jump jump, duck weave... I'm getting tired reading all the reviws let alone playing the game! ;)

ComboBreaker2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

as revolutionary as jump, jumo, duck, wave? It's like tech from the future, a future where everything is on rail.