Games for a Hangover: the Civilization series (

BeefJack: "The reality is too much to take. Your skull feels like it’s two sizes too small for your brain. Waves of nausea are rocking your body like a catamaran that lost its sail in the middle of the Bermuda triangle. And that smell. Man, that smell. Healthy grown adults simply shouldn’t be capable of producing stinks like that – from either end of their body."

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RBlaze2987d ago

... But I can't really get into this one :(.

SlyGuy2987d ago

to Civ 5 these days. I guess it's because I barely played the past few iterations.

Strangely enough, I played my first game with Ghandi and in a similar fashion to what is described in the article...and the AI decided to gang up and attack my relatively defenseless nation. :(

Thanks God I sent that rocketship into space! lol.