What happened to offline multiplayer?

As much as I love Xbox Live and PSN, I grew up with offline multiplayer and the amazing experiences it produced. Now I can’t help but think: why don’t developers care about it anymore?

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Noami2987d ago

it went for a drive and got lost..i wonder if it will ever find its way back

Nariko-20112987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Xbox 360 Game Stats
1152 Xbox 360 Games
30 Xbox 360 Kinetic Games
346 Xbox 360 Offline Coop Games
408 Xbox 360 Offline VS Games
286 Xbox 360 Online Coop Games
499 Xbox 360 Online VS Games
21 Games that allow Online Guests

Edit: well ofcourse you'd disagree, listen it isn't my fault that I didn't put up a ps3 stats list, there isn't one like this

Noami2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

i havent hit anything realy do not asume when some one disagree its the person above u for that now i realy want to but i wont drop that lvl. and another thing wii had it first if u put it that sorth of term for the longest time. well not first...just been causal mostly and offline gaming btw friends and family NOW is that xbox and sony entering that era..

im not into the whole fanboy/girl system ism im more into the games not the system...

Nariko-20112987d ago

It was directed at the disagreer. By "you" I meant the fanboy that cannot stand x360 being spoken about in a positive light

toaster2987d ago

It died when devs decided Call of Doody was the standard for what a game's multiplayer aspect should be.

PureDarkness2987d ago

Give Black Ops its due, they have improved A LOT in terms of offline multiplayer or even split screen multiplayer in general with the implementation of combat training and the ability to have someone else add a controller and join you online

Codemaster002986d ago

I'm not going to bash Black Ops, I've played it quite a bit already, but disagree that it improved offline multiplayer. Combat training is neat, but why have it online only even though it includes split screen.

My main problem is that for local multiplayer, the customization options that they added to online is completely absent. You can't rename classes or customize the rules for the games. (every team deathmatch is 10 minutes or 7500 points). Private online matches and system link let you customize which weapons/attachments can be used, how many points kills and assists are and tons of others.

no_more_trolling2987d ago

why do people love to bash COD
if u dont like it u dont have to play it

plus u fail cuz COD has split screen multi

im not even a COD fan

theonlylolking2987d ago

I must say its back in black ops. Black ops have done offline multiplayer like it should be.

PlayerX2987d ago

It decided that console games are basically dumbed down PC ports so why bother. O well, at least we still have Smash Bros.

PimpHandHappy2987d ago

what happened to it... Online infrastructure became common place and the need to play friends no longer meant they needed to be in the same room any more

Mystogan2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

i prefer gaming with my friend in the same room.
and besides...Halo reach

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