Movemodo review: Get Fit with Mel B (PS3 / PlayStation Move)

Quoting Movemodo's Patrick Elliot:

"The daily workouts the game creates impress not only due to their intensity and variety, but also because they are tailored to your body type and preferences. They are definitely going to make you sweat too, and you can expect to be sore. But that's a good thing – the game would be garbage if it didn't do that. Just don't trust its meal plans too much, as they are better used as an awesome recipe book. What keeps the title from being great is its failure to keep up with the user, and if you fire up to double-time it is not going to pick it up. What's worse is that it sometimes gets confused and misinterprets your zealous movements as a poor performance, earning you a bad score for giving it your all. Still, this only happens sometimes, and doesn't deter from the fact that you are getting a great workout."

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GoldPS32987d ago

Why the pic was changed? I liked the other one better.

Gue12987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Wow, this Spice Girl looks even better then when she was young!

JacobIsHollywood2987d ago

I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. It's probably the best fitness game I've played.

BrutallyBlunt2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Looks ok. I wonder how well the new EA Sports Active game is going to be?

EmperorDalek2987d ago

...can KMA.

They rush software to market and then don't support it. MoH anyone?

Moonboots2987d ago

How does this compare to Your Shape Fitness??

Do you have to hold a Move controller when playing? That would suck working up a sweat and having to hold that thing.

strickers2987d ago

Really?Many people hold weights to work out.Looking for reasons to prefer Kinect are we?
Clutching at straws.

CrippleH2987d ago

If only it was "Bang Mel B with Playstation Move".

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