PSX Extreme: Rock of the Dead Review

PSX Extreme: "Okay, so I have all these freakin’ guitars hanging around, from the likes of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Power Gig: Rise of the SixString and Rock Band 3. They’re all over the place. And beyond using them for review purposes, I’m really not a fan of the genre and so, these plastic instruments are just going to keep gathering dust at a rapid clip. But then, along comes Rock of the Dead from Epicenter Studios, a game that has you battling various denizens of the dark with those very same instruments, and I go, “oh, cool!” Remember that old Dreamcast game that took advantage of the keyboard for the console, The Typing of the Dead? This is basically the same idea, only we’re using different peripherals – either a guitar or drum set – to “fight.” It really is a good idea…it’s just too bad that it looks bland, feels bland, and leaves you with a general “meh” feeling."

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