Gran Turismo 5 Launch Countdown Promo: Win a Tissot Watch


Sony has teamed with Swiss watchmaker Tissot to host the official “countdown” timer for the launch of Gran Turismo 5.

To promote the relationship, they’re giving away one customized, GT5 edition Tissot PRS 516 (valued at $495), every day between now and the NA/EU November 24th release date.

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Narutone662990d ago

marketing for GT5 begins!

Kon_Artist 2990d ago

i applied and then looked how theyre ganna contact me if i was going to win which is not ganna happen anyway.

but they said the winners will be contacted by email.

the problem is they didnt even ask for a email :/

Zeevious2990d ago

It was the one thing they didn't ask for!

Kon_Artist 2990d ago

what ur name and where do you live. ur phone number please.

ok ill contact u by email.


fossilfern2990d ago

pitty its US only, watches is another hobby of mine and thats a great looking watch

mt2990d ago

i live in US but too bad just two month ago i bought new watch that is almost the same as that prize.

Seraphim2990d ago

same here & it's a great hobby...

although after I bought my Tag a few years back my Tissot has sat in cold storage. :D then again I had worn nothing but the Tissot for like 6 years prior. Beautiful watches though. Whoever wins these beauties are going to have a fantastic time piece. Tissot makes a great product. Hopefully I'll be one of the winners, lol. I have been wanting something new lately...

arragionthegreat2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

want that watch,..Tissot is wow and GT5,.. love u GT ,.. but that watch is f****** awesome,..

ELite_Ghost2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

FUCKINGGGGG awesome you say?

ZombieNinjaPanda2990d ago

Well I entered, and I'll be entering daily, that's a nice watch.

GoldPS32990d ago

Me too and it's a better promotion than that Kinect and BK promotion. Who doesn't want a $500 watch for free and you don't have to buy a whopper to win.

Nariko-20112990d ago

Has already found a way to release its insecurity by mentioning a device that has nothing to do with the article...welcome to n4g and this is Insecure Fanboy Watch

Nariko-20112990d ago

Now all other watches will be labelled lame and flops. Welcome to n4g

Redrum0592990d ago

shut your tramp up already. you are obviously anti-ps3
instead of bashing games you dont like(ps3 games) just go and give good comments on games you do like(360 games)

...oh wait

skip2mylou2990d ago

wow shut the hell up, fucking troll

Zeevious2990d ago

It's called marketing.

Maybe you'd know this term after 500 million of it is spent.

None of it on such a cool watch.

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The story is too old to be commented.