Gran Turismo 5: Breathtaking Rollover-Video and Audi-Crash From the Final Build

New videos of Gran Turismo 5 from the final build show you a car rollover, awesome snow effects and a Audi crash.

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RedDead2989d ago

Not spam stupid N4g
Second vid with rollover

Shadow Flare2989d ago

Damn that snow track is incredible! I haven't properly seen that one yet. Driving in the cockpit view looks so difficult. I'd hardly call the rollover breath-taking but the damage on the Audi looks better then models I've previously seen. I'm not blown away by the damage aspect in GT5, I must say. But it's good enough and it's just the icing on the cake. It's not necessary by any means

irepbtown2989d ago

Either i watched the wrong video or the damage is not good. I know i will get disagrees but who cares.

The Audi Is driving well over 150 KMH and crashes head on, to a wall. Now i was expecting 'Bad Ass' Damage. But it seems worse than Grid (Which i loved because the damage was just, WOW). I hope this is either of the next to things:
Not the final build and its from older videos made.
Or you can control the amount of realism, like have it on Casual and the damage isnt too bad, or have it on Insane and the damage is proper realistic.
I really hope its one of these two things, or i've watched a wrong vid, which i hope aswell. I've been waiting for this game, god knows how long EXACTLY.

poindat2989d ago

Th snow track (Chamonix) was in GT4. I'm happy to see it's been carried over. ^_^ And yeah, driving in the snow looks MUCH more challenging than in previous games; the new particle effects are amazing.

I totally agree with you on damage. The people whining about the series not having damage probably shouldn't have been whining about it, and it could have been time better spent on more important aspects of the game... But you know what, it's an extra feature and I'm not going to complain about it.

Hideo_Kojima2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )



So I see GT5 has pretty much NO DAMAGE!

I am still getting it I wasn't planning on crashing for the fun of it but its disappointing.

Dee_912988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

o wait this is first time ...
I mean seriously think for second people
PD are perfectionist ... the cars and tracks look exactly or even better than real life.
They put so much time into making everything beautiful

So there has to be a logical reason the damage isnt crazy like other racers .. heres a few reason I believe the damage is the way it is
1. This PD first time attepting damage and like many normal people more than likely your first time trying something isnt alway perfect
2.The car companies restricted the damage ( - Nascar)
3. In real life running into a guard rail that fast you are TOAST ..however since GT5 dont have flash back, rewind etc it would be dream crushing to be on you 20th hour on the nurburgring and you slip up and hit a guard rail and total your car...

they should make the driving line black on snow tracks lol

beardpapa2988d ago

at least there are dents. F1 2010 appears to have damage but nothing really breaks even at over 200 mph into the wall.

Deputydon2988d ago

My only complaint about GT games is that the camera is way to static. That is why I have to play in either cockpit or bumper view. Like in the snow vid when he rolls over, if they would just make it so the camera detached a little bit from the car while it rolled over it would be better. Instead it clips under the track and IMO that just doesn't look as good.

That said, I love GT games, and I've never playing a racing game that was as much fun as having a PERFECT lap during one of the rally/snow tracks on GT4. Getting that perfect drift around the corner is so exhilarating, especially with a wheel.

Dee_912988d ago

me too i hate the fixxed camera
whats the point of having such beautiful car if u cant look all around it

Christopher2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Wasn't too crazed about what I just saw, but I'm definitely not a racing fan of any sort. Damage looked minimal, but that seems to be how GT rolls.

Edit: just watched the linked video from #1. I guess it does roll, but still looked really awkward and didn't really do the expected damage. Do like the cockpit view when driving in the snow, though. Looks very authentic.

But, as I said, not a big racing fan. You guys can have your games. I guess if you're big into huge crashes, GT just isn't for you.

irepbtown2988d ago


I'm definitely into damage (Again, GRiD is spectacular), yet GT5 looks brilliant and i WILL get it. Simply because, take away the fact that damage is not good, the rest is spot on. Perfect.

But i do think people will be put off by this. 7? years of development and i think people expected great level of damage (At least i did).

jjohan352988d ago

The reviews better not knock GT5 down for the damage modeling. Has anybody seen Forza 3's damage modeling? It was paint chipping at most but I have a feeling everyone will be a lot harsher toward GT5.

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Sackdude2989d ago

GT5's WRC is better than any Rally game i played..

the snow effect and the driving are awesome!

Shadow Flare2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I was just looking at the related videos in that YouTube link and came across some GT4 rally footage, and even that looks stunning. It seriously looks more realistic then some of this gen's racing games. Gran Turismo is an incredible franchise. So much effort goes into the games. That's why polyphony are so respected

benighted death2988d ago

My god!!!thats better than any rally games you played?!
Really? I'm sorry but they should have left the rally out of gt5...its simply awfull!! Little plastic fence stronger than cant go off road like it should happen when you miss a turn...its really really bad! The ONLY good thing about the rally in gt5 are the graphics,thats it,the rest is awfull

FordGTGuy2989d ago

That is a huge exaggeration, looks like what I expected the rollovers would look like in GT5. You can't expect them to do any better until manufacturers allow crumple and roof damage.

Rollover is right before the 4 minute mark.

T9X692989d ago

Yea, the weather effects look awesome, but that rollover looked just as bad as a Forza 3 rollover.

FordGTGuy2989d ago


Guys before you go on a fanboy rage there was no chance it was going to look any better. Manufacturers will not allow the amount of damage needed to make a rollover crash look real.

Hopefully this will change over time.

AceofStaves2989d ago

The same BS pointless superlatives apply to 360 exclusives, too. Didn't you know?

Both sides do it. Both are ridiculous.

STONEY42988d ago

The rollover was pretty bad. I can only hope for the day when GT has crashes like this, but with GTs graphics...

RedDead2988d ago

Brillant^^^^GT6 maybe, hopefully, it adds so much to the immersion anyway, seeing something like that happen, everyone else just sorta watches it and then starts focusing on the race again haha

Zeevious2988d ago

...and I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say the first thing that came to mind where same crappy rollover video's from another, unnamed car game. (Rhymes with Whorza)

I'm not buying the "automotive manufacturers won't allow this" Why? That makes no sense.

Their car is in a simulation game, and it's getting smashed up...why would an extra crumple on the roof or some other interpretation of a finite element analysis make a difference? It's a VIRTUAL car...No one...anywhere is going to interpret a scratched roof with buying or not buying a real car! It's the handling, acceleration and ride that matter, and all those I can try out!

This was not, by any means a "breathtaking rollover" unless it's the breath of disappointment.

I'm still looking forward to the game, but the damage is not at the standard I expected from Polyphony.

Won't interfere with me enjoying the actual game one bit though!

- - - - -

Nine Days!

FordGTGuy2988d ago

You need to brush up on your knowledge, most manufacturers do not allow any damage that details caving in of the cockpit in anyway.

Zeevious2988d ago

If you didn't read what I wrote, try it again:

"Why would an extra crumple on the roof or some other interpretation of a finite element analysis make a difference?"

Show me where Ford, Honda or anyone else has stated they won't allow a virtual version of their vehicle to be smashed...THEY DO IT EVERY DAY in simulators.
This is a game..not a showroom.

How is a game any different?

You are in fact repeating a Myth from GTPlanet from September a year ago when it was questioned if NO damage or extremely limited damage due to manufacturers restrictions would be in GT!

" is Polyphony Digital restricted from showing “full” damage on street cars due to manufacturer licensing issues, or would it simply take too long to implement such severe deformation on GT5’s diverse catalog of nearly 1,000 vehicles?"

That's a question...not a fact, and it's been answered since there IS damage.

So now where is the quote that you can't damage just the roof, or hood but the manufacturers are ok with the rest of the car getting smashed up?

Production models are smashed up top to bottom as licensed for other games...just check out any video's on YouTube.

Please, let me know when you brush up on that knowledge.

Zeevious2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

And that game is almost 4 years old!

Now, FordGTGuy, and anyone else who's going to say I need to brush up on my knowledge of crash modeling and licensing rights...Brush up on your own.

It IS being done...It HAS been done...

These are the exact licensed models FordGT's claiming can't be smashed.

They look pretty smashed up...all over to me.
But please...tell me again how wrong I am when the proof is right in front of you.

Disagree if you want, but facts at 60FPS are facts.

- - - - -

Eight Days

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dosgrtr2989d ago

nope,only when it is an uber-schnitzel or a gaming bolt article/submission

Odin7772988d ago

I don't really play Gran Tursimo games for the damage. I play games like Motorstorm or Burnout for the crazy ass crashes.

bobrea2988d ago

I'm not going to bother finding who said it, but someone said that at points this game "looks better than real life."



killedinaction92988d ago

No, this is a breathtaking rollover video

dont hate because its forza guys,just enjoy the vid.Once GT5 is out we will definitely see better videos than the article.

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C L O U D2989d ago

Im getting my Driving Force GT today! :)

FordGTGuy2989d ago

I need to pick up one soon, sadly I might have to use the DS3 until Christmas.

Steve_02989d ago

I'm still debating between the Driving force GT and the G27 (if I can find the G25 cheap, that'll probably take it for me). Clutch and shifter and paddles are pretty important to me, as is the metal pedals... Let me know what you think of it! You've got Prologue, yeah? That's really the only game (until GT5) to consider racing these wheels with on ps3, so much better than the others.

C L O U D2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Yeah I have Prologue, I've been using my Driving Force Pro since I first got GT4!

Time to upgrade!

and yes I shall.

STONEY42989d ago

The Driving Force GT has a rubbery feel compared the the G27s leather feel. It's also a bit loud compared the the G27. The paddle and sequential shifters also feel kinda like toys.

Obviously, price has alot to do with this too. Don't get me wrong, the DFGT is actually a great wheel, and I used it for a pretty long time, but if you have the money, there's no comparison to the G27/G25. Still, $80 or so for a wheel is a steal.

JonnyBigBoss2988d ago

Nice man. I hear it's one of the best in the business. Enjoy!

MetalFreakMike2989d ago

When the hell is this game coming out!? I paid it off and been waiting for a very long time! DAMN IT! Forza does not fill the void for Gran Turismo! Hurry SONY and bring it out now!

morganfell2989d ago

Where have you been? The official release date is locked for November 24.

sutton322989d ago

It comes out in exactly 10 days time :)

Cloudberry2989d ago

Would be, at least, a week before the release date.

Steve_02989d ago

Probably not, it's likely the reviewers are only receiving the game just about now, if that. They'll probably need more time to properly review it, so my bet is close to or on launch. (although, knowing most game sites, they'll probably play about 25% of the content and claim they're able to review it properly.)

MetalFreakMike2989d ago

Thanks for the heads up. Been really busy with things and I have not been keeping up with too much news. Too much on my plate to notice there was a release date.

Steve_02989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

You sound so bored with the news... Unless, it hasn't properly sunk in, yet? Well then let me help you, Gran Turismo 5 will be in your PS3, in ten days time. Just over a week from now, you'll be able to race a Ferrari 458 Italia on the Nürburgring. For 24 hours. Just imagine, coming down the end straight, seeing the sunset, and then you notice the drops of rain falling from the sky...

I hope you are sufficiently excited now.

(unless, of course, you live in the middle of Africa or something, like me)

MetalFreakMike2989d ago

No, I just been busy at work and some other things. I am excited that it's finally coming out. Also, there has been a lot of fanboy fights going on around this site and it gives me a headache just reading some of the comments.

R2D22988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

because you know N4G is not the only gaming site in the world.

I hate when people click on an article and say how much they hate what ever the article is about, but yet they care enough to leave a comment - Vchartz, HHG, Patcher, Activision, Halo and Kinect articles are perfect examples of this.

In your case you get headaches reading the N4G troll fight but yet you still come here -_- N4G has always been a warzone website as far as I can remember so I dont know why you are expecting to see 360 and PS3 trolls holding hands and giving each other kisses.

OT: The game looks awesome and it has been worth the wait - congrats Poly for giving us yet another master piece.

Dee_912988d ago

tit used to be a section for that ... now trolls and fanboys are everywhere

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2989d ago
Lawliet2989d ago

Breathtaking Rollover? That was terrible! The car is not damage model. But the environment is chilling!