N-Europe: Goldeneye: 007 Review

Goldeneye rocks on Wii and it's greatest strength is that it can sit alongside its previous outing proudly while offering an identity to call its own. Surely that's what the best Bond's have always been about?

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EvilTwin2990d ago

This is the best review I've read on this game. And no, it's not because of the score. It's because they hit everything.

The good: how all control types work well, the stealth vs. action sections, the extras in the higher single player difficulties, and the faster/frantic/arcade-y online.
The bad: the Wii remote IS more precise but it takes a LOT of tweaking to find your Goldilocks setting, and the frame drops (online and off).

Well done, n-europe. Eurocom did good. Nintendo, you seriously oughta buy them.