Kinect vs Gran Turismo 5 is the Real War, Sorry PS Move

TQcast Writes: After months of predictions and speculations on what would be a Holiday PlayStation Move and Kinect war, the war is slowly fading away thanks to Microsoft’s marketing scheme. The real war is no longer between motion gaming, it’s Kinect vs. Gran Turismo 5, end of story.

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Godmars2902992d ago

Only in that the PS3 ad budget is going to shift to GT5, with anything for Move getting anything that's leftover.

MTEC82992d ago

I am a GT fanboy and a bit of an automotive freak, it's the closes thing to having a real 50 garage lol. I'll take GT over Kinect or Move anyday.

bageara2992d ago

GT5 will destroy both Move and Kinect put together

matey2992d ago

we have wii with a huge amount of top quality titles that incorporate motions Goldeneye 007/Black ops/Mario galaxy 2/No more heros 2/Silent hill wii,to name a few and also Zelda skyward sword/Pikimin3/Kirbys yarn/Epic Mickey/Flatout wii/Donky kong/Last story ect are on the way MOVE/KINECT dont have the software to compete with wii not in motion games no way GT5 is defo bigger than MOVE or KINECT all day so is Zelda skyward sword even more so

Army_of_Darkness2992d ago

A wii fanboy. Hahahaha! to funny;)

rjdofu2992d ago

Learn some punctuations man...

@Army_of_Darkness: hahahah, a big one indeed

meetajhu2992d ago

Top quality titles? You really need wash your eyeballs me playing on my Dolphin

says the Wii sucks a**

Lightsaber2992d ago

Its not much of a war gt5 will outsale kinect if its released. How like all software with in a month its sales will be dead. While the kinect will keep on selling for the next few years. It most like suprass gt5 with in 6 months (depending of supplies)

WiiPS3beats3602992d ago

Kinect floppeddddd
everyone get over it

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RussDeBuss2992d ago

gt5 will be huuuuuuuuuuuge

its the reason a lot of people bought a ps3

Bereaver2992d ago

The reason why a lot of people *will* buy a ps3.

jony_dols2992d ago

RussDeBuss got disagrees? GT5 is the reason I bought a PS3 (back in 07....I should have learned from GT4's delayed release...still not complaining though, I would have never been able to play Uncharted and the likes if I hadn't been an early adopter)

Anyway, of course GT5 is the reason a lot of people bought a PS3, it's the Playstation brands highest selling exclusive franchise. Just like the way millions of people bought a 360 to play Halo 3.

Hideo_Kojima2992d ago

the reason why a lot of people pay for their electricity bills

acedoh2992d ago

I bought the PS3 and for you early adopters I am sure you remember the demo track. I played that like it was a game. Sure it was only one track but I couldn't get over how beautiful it was. It's been a long four years but now the game I love is coming. I am sure many of the GT only gamers will be buying a PS3 here in the coming months.

Steve_02992d ago

"I should have learned from GT4's delayed release."
So then, you're upset that the game is coming 3 weeks later than you thought it would?

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N4Great2992d ago

They are only talking about sales war, in the motion control war, games, and all gamers are interested about, there is no war beetween move and kinect, move is the clear winner.

nickjkl2992d ago

even we dont know about that

move has solid sales numbers

kinect doesnt

move ive seen some commercials for

kinect im seeing it everywhere i go burger king tv comercials on my on demand

what makes me mad is that even my mom understands this since a few days ago she tells me does the ps3 even have games because everything seems to be marketed as 360 only and im like no just no

the only true thing i see different now a days is that in movies you ar starting to see alot more ps3 and less 360s

Death24942992d ago

...Is one of the few games I know that sells well in all 3 major territories. What people are misunderstanding is companies actually use Gran Turismo games as actual simulators. There is no getting around that. I'm picking this game up for sure when it launches and i'll see the rest on you guys online (for free).

insomnium22992d ago

OH wow you got 2 disagrees. Guess someone would've wanted GT5 to never come out. I almost feel sorry for them....

longcat2992d ago

Common sense & maturity vs the gaming media

THAT is the real war

gcolley2992d ago

vs. any media.
It actually IS the real war.

visualb2992d ago

peripheral vs game?

house wives vs race car geeks?

no...Move is competing with Kinect more than GT5 is...

however, GT5 will definitely been competing with kinect games for biggest sellers this holiday (along with COD:BO)

gcolley2992d ago

i bet your favorite saying is "i don't get it"

naruto girl2992d ago

really shows how much the Kinect has obliterated the PS Move in terms of appeal and fanfare.

Move= fail.

mcstorm2992d ago

I would have to agree with you. I have both move and kunect. Move is just a better version of the Wii remote. But its has a poor selection of games. Sing star dance is really bad esp against dance Central. Sony need to do what MS are doing with kinect to make move only games so they get the most out of the tech. Kinect is good with what it offers and the games that have been made for it work very well but there is a lot of improvments to be made with kinect but I can see MS do have something very good in kinect but the next 12 months will tell us if kinect and move will be a hit by the software that is made for it. As for gt5 I think its going to be a big hit but I'm going to wait and see before I get it as from what I have read and seen its a unfinished game with the car damage ect. But I'm sure the gt fans will love the game when they pick up there copy

WiiPS3beats3602992d ago

Move = success
kinect = MIA

Anon19742992d ago

What a ridiculous article. You might as well ask "Who's going to win this holiday - apples or oranges!"

There is no "battle" between Kinect and GT5. One is an accessory, the other a game. Comparing the two is pointless. They're totally different products marketed at totally different audiences. Even with apples and oranges, at least they're both fruits. Kinect vs GT5 is like comparing Cars versus cinder blocks.

And I loved this little tidbit from the article. "look at the Kinect numbers"

Ok. Where are they? Have you seen them? I know I haven't. And then he links to an analysts that predicts that Kinect will barely outsell Move - in the US no less, as a sign that somehow there is no Kinect vs Move battle going on? This whole article just defies logic. Don't give it hits. It's tripe, flamebait to get hits.

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Chupa-Chupa2992d ago

Yeah,agreed,GT5 is going to be huge.

Agent-862992d ago

Well, as a core gamer, there really is no choice. GT5 all the way!

UltimateIdiot9112992d ago

Yeah, GT5 is the way to go.

Honestly, Kinect is the only thing Microsoft has going for the holiday. There aren't any first party title that can stand up to GT5.

What happen to journalism? Where and when did it go from reporting facts into stating ridiculous opinions and crazy ideas for hits?

PirosThe4th2992d ago

You forgot Kinect Joy Ride... most hardcore *no* car driving simulator ever mad!!

insomnium22992d ago

I wonder how things will be early next year. What does x360 have going for it then? PS3 on the other hand is flooded with AAA games.

GT5 wins the holiday season (if it indeed launches) and the the first half of next year seems grim for x360. There might be a pricecut for x360 on the horizon. What else is there to fight the competition with?

BillOreilly2992d ago

Not true its all preference. Il take fable 3, the dragon knight saga, and gothic 4 over gran turismo 5. I like rpgs and find racing sims boring. Gt5 will sell crazy numbers and is a great title but the only part i like is the rally cars. Everything else is boring to me. Im not a sheep i buy what i enjoy, not what the biggest exclusive is.

ssj2992d ago

Move never had a chance anyway.

Bigpappy2992d ago

Casuals won't be buying GT5. It will sell mostly to people who already have PS3's. If 360 out sell PS3 the rest of the year, it will be due to Kinect. 360 will defenately win November. It it wins December also, then Kinect would have beaten GT5 as a console mover.

gta_manic2992d ago

Cause it always so much better to flail around in your living room and periodically be on youtube for hurting yourself or others

JacobIsHollywood2992d ago

Kinect will outsell Move, like most of us predicted.

The Move owners actually get to enjoy their product though. ;)

falviousuk2992d ago

I'm enjoying kinect just fine thanks as are the other people I know who purchased one.

Both kinect and move are great bits of kit and each can add to their respective platforms, hopefully growing the business for both companies and gaming as a whole.

Start being a gamer

rjdofu2992d ago

Your last sentence just ruins your whole comment.

RBdrift2992d ago

Well I'm a gamer who doesn't like looking like a idiot jumping in front of my tv playing with animals.

4me22992d ago

"Casuals won't be buying GT5"
That might be true but selling Kinect to casuals that do not own Xbox is not either that straight forward.

You own already xbox so for you it is $150. For people without xbox is more like $300 to $400 and target audience is 8 to 15 years old. And thats not that accessible price range for parents. If you older than 18 you still can have fun but how long you willing to jump up, down .... left before you get bored.
I bet you that 80% of current Kinect sales goes to current xbox owners, mostly hardcore, and after initial euphoria they will want games that serve their hardcore taste and sales of Kinect will be driven by software.

For casuals users the sweet point range is $199 to $249. And this is still above price of Wii.

SweetIvy2992d ago

I think that what Microsoft is aiming for is to expand the usage of the X360 within families, for example, daddy has Xbox360 to play "hardcore" games and now wife and kids can enjoy the console with Kinect, it definitely makes more sense and can make it more versatile than a Wii to many.

atticus142992d ago

what? you really think casuals wont buy GT5?

Heck most people I knew back in the day only bought sports games, Grand theft Auto, and Gran Turismo - Gran turismo is a feature rich game for hardcore gamers but casuals eat it up too if not more so.

rextyrann2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

"I think that what Microsoft is aiming for is to expand the usage of the X360 within families"

i agree with that but there is a very big flaw in ms logic:
doing that means what exactly?
1. it means they share the same target group as nintendo. how much time ahead does wii have on sales now? 4 years? 5? the "casual" gamer market-share is close to saturation or the actual growth of that market is much slower than 2 years ago. why do you think nintendos sales/growth have been decreasing now over the last 1-2 years?
2. those who already have a wii but do NOT own a x360 just wont buy a new bundle for a pricepoint of about 350$ just to replace their wii (pple like me and my parents and a few friends i know)...
3. now someone could argue ok they have a xbox360 and a wii so teyll just upgrade the xbox and get rid of the wii. i highly doubt that since its basically the same games while the wii still has the wii fit board which is a huge portion of the casual gamer-share and the actual difference is only a tad better graphics on the xbox. but wait, didnt a lot of people say casual gamers dont care about graphics?

all in all also taking the topic at hand into consideration:

kinect - atm lots of core gamers are getting it, if it fails to deliver on the promise that it actually has core GAMES potential the sales will be abyssamel from next year on.

move - atm nobody is buying that except early adaptors because everyone is waiting for the actual application of the move in core games. but since its designed to fullfil that promise it probably has well going legs from next year on if it delivers.

GT5 - longest legs. this game will sell years to come. especially with the online support nowadays. most of the younger gamers just dont remember/know how big GT2 / GT3 was back then. there is a huge fanbase waiting since then and just buying a ps3 for this game only. not because they are gamers but because they are car lovers (again someone like me or my dad)...

Biggest2992d ago

I'm having a hard time understanding what you're saying, rextyrann. You said that lots of hardcore players are getting Kinect, and that no one but early adopters are getting Move. Aren't they both early adopters and aren't they both fairly high in number?

rextyrann2992d ago

"I'm having a hard time understanding what you're saying, rextyrann..."

ur correct in the way that most of the time early adopters are from the share of core gamers. but i didnt say that kinect buyers are equal or limited by early adopters.
its more likely that ms "overruled" the usual development of early adopters - core/casual - late adopters by using such a huge amount of commercials and their marketing campaign (at least here in europe i rarely see move ads but a ton of kinect ones). as far as i recon the overall consense is that a lot of xbox owners just get the kinect cause its MS'S NEW HOT product while most of the ps3 core-owners are reserved and waiting/checking wether move will be actually provided with core games in the next 6 month.
thus the conclusion that those who actually buy move are really early adopters while a big share of the usual core crowd is already getting the kinect (in addition to the early adopters).

so in actual fact it would mean that IF kinect sales are considerably higher than move sales my theory would be proven since the userbase of ps3 - xbox is almost 1:1 (0.9 : 1 if u want to be precise).

BUT read again the 2nd part of my 1st post which concludes that initial sales of both actually mean nothing in the long run and wont have a big impact of either platforms market share UNLESS they can provide and fullfill their promises that these products can actually deliver core gamers experiences.
which would mean following - whoever is the first one to successfully assure that their product is core games material will pull ahead in market share. since only then their sales will be growing continously in the long run...

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Lawliet2992d ago

Why wouldn't Casual gamer buy GT?! I wouldn't understand and never will I want to understand that non logical thinking of yours.

GT is meant for all ages and sexes! The game is where people use to tryout cars varieties, whether you want to tweak, test run, understanding structure or even relieve that dream car u ever hope to ride on and for many other purposes! U don't need car license to drive your favorite car, what more could you ask for?

You like cars, you like GT, you don't like it then you don't. Nothing to do with being hardcore or casual gamers..

I started playing GT when I was 6yo, I didn't know I was that hardcore back then... Cool kid yea.

Thegamer412992d ago

It's a car simulator, how does it not appeal to casuals as well as core gamers.

acedoh2992d ago

about the Gran Turismo series. This game has attracted millions of casual gamers. You need to understand what casual means. It's not just middle aged women. It includes people who don't play games much at all. There are millions who have played at least one Gran Turismo game who play almost nothing else. I have a friend who still owns a PSone and has about five games... And of course one of the games he owns is Gran Turismo. The Gran Turismo game attracts car lovers all over. This game will have the same effect. They will not necessarily be jumping over this when it releases but over the next couple of years they will be.

insomnium22992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

It must be fun in your dreamland....smh...

@acedoh and thegamer41

Great you get disagreed. Stating truthfull comments gets you disagrees. I agreed with you as should any man with common sense. I just don't get what it is with people on this site. Are they all butthurt? Did they think GT5 wouldn't launch at all?

niceguywii602992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I agree no way in hell will GT5 be a bigger winner for Sony vs Kinect for Microsoft. GT5 is just a game, Kinect is a Hot new popular Motion platform with a lineup of games that will only get bigger in time.

Media are starting to realize Move is getting crushed by Kinect with popular opinion/sales/appeal so the next best desperate thing is to match up the 2nd most wanted item in the the US that is basically a new console with lineup with a Single game lol. Some Kinect games a lone were almost matching GT5 pre-orders.

It's basically like saying GT5 or even Halo Reach vs Wii 2, you must know by now Kinect is seen as the evolution of waggle stick based motion and will collectively be seen as primitive in no time.

People exaggerate GT5 status/sales/appeal based on past PlayStation fan bases that were 5 times bigger. PS3 is not the leader of consoles with all the casuals and hardcore core gamers. I'd be surprised if GT5 does better than some of the more popular average racers or multi platform shooters.


adamx2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

maricon , do you ever get tired of pole riding?

WiiPS3beats3602992d ago

when GT3 was selling like crazy the ps2 userbases was small like ps3

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