CoD: Black Ops – What Happens When You Prestige…?

Ever wondered what prestiging is like in CoD: Black Ops?

Well, wonder no more.. Take a look at this video recently uploaded onto YouTube to find out!

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thorstein2987d ago

3 and a half minutes of this d-bag talking about his stats, then he clicks the button to prestige and nothing significant happens other than that he thinks he is level 2. W o w.

AstroZombie12987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Exactly what I was thinking waste of like 3 minutes.

Bloodraid2987d ago

Basically... the exact same thing that happened in the previous games... You hit level 1 again, amazing.

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FlipMode2987d ago

Meh I find prestiging to be pointless

Calvin_ISA2987d ago

"10 chopper gunners .. I earned nine of those, only got one from a carepackage"

He had 101 carepackages. One hundred one.

On topic: Holy crap that was an amazing prestige! I've never seen one like that before! /s

Mikeyy2987d ago

very true! I get chopper gunners from care packages quite often acually. How he goes 21 hours with only 1, from 101 care packeges sounds impossible...

irepbtown2987d ago

I only get UAV jammer (W.e its called) and UAV. I only ONCE got Sam turret.

Unlucky me.

RedSoakedSponge2987d ago

i thought he was gonna show wat changed. unless he did and you get nothing.

jdktech20102987d ago

I never got's a pain in this game to unlock the pro perks....the 6th class might be useful but I can do just fine with 5 and I won't go more than once

I'll probably stay 0th prestige and have everything unlocked so i can mix and match when I want

f7897902987d ago

That 6th custom class is so nice. You will want to do prestige eventually so don't waste your time unlocking everything.

No Way2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I have never really did prestige mode..
Modern Warfare 1 never prestiged.
Modern Warfare 2 I did once, a couple months ago.

And, I prolly won't in Black Ops..
Its funny, people act like they are the shit, when they 10th prestige.
Than a lil ol prestige 1 level 60 whoop they ass, they get pissed.

irepbtown2987d ago


'Lil prestige 1 level 60 whoop they ass'

In MW2 i got to level 70 in less than a week and NEVER prestiged lol. Now in Black ops im only level 19 (I mostly play Zombies).

I've prestiged in COD4 once. Black ops im planning on prestiging aswell because i want all those Custom classes and extra stuff prestigers get.

jwk942987d ago

The game has been out for a few days, this is kinda sad.

Sunny_D2987d ago

I agree. This guy must be living in his mom's basement. He even has the nerdy, nasaly voice to go with it.

f7897902987d ago

and he had only gotten 10 chopper gunners from playing constantly? You would think he would get better.

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retrofly2987d ago

I first prestiged after 16 Hours 30 mins. Way quicker than MW2 even with 15 prestige levels its still quicker.

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dead_eye2987d ago

Thought the video was ok. He goes on a bit but happy to laugh at himself when he makes a mistake. Do you loss your credits is the only other bit I'd wanna know.

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