Game Informer’s “Top 30 Characters Who Defined A Decade”

Game Informer has chosen the most influential characters in its latest issue. Characters such as Nathan Drake and Master Chief make the list. But who takes the top spot?

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boogeyman9992986d ago

And I loved Portal. Nathan in the top 3 is good.

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fantasygamer2986d ago

WHAT!? no sackboy.. he should be on there hes cool and awesome. this list has some flaws..

_DragonSlayer_2986d ago

How can you not have Sackboy on the list? What a joke if he's not on the list

tplarkin72986d ago

Halo launched in 2001 and has been one of the phenomenons since. Master Chief is a household name. There is no doubt that he is the number 1 character of the decade. Nathan Drake doesn't belong in the top 100. That list is a sad joke.

gunnerforlife2985d ago

weres Dante????????????
this list Fails!

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SupahJ2986d ago

Interesting list, though I question some of those choices... Captain Price? Really?

George Sears2986d ago

I find John Marston a far more interesting person than Niko Bellic.

metsgaming2986d ago

both are terrible and shouldnt be on the list

George Sears2986d ago

Really? Then what's your partake on the subject? What didn't you like about John's persona as a character?

joel_c172986d ago

i agree both were soooooo boring! niko always whinging in his annoying accent and john just being boring as batsh*t

Aclay2986d ago

I agree, I liked John Marston's character tons more than Niko favorite character from GTA4(not including the DLC Expansions) was probably Brucie.

Laika2986d ago

honestly i think this list is pretty horrible

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The story is too old to be commented.