MMORPG: Vindictus First Look

A lot of attention has been focused on Nexon's Vindictus billed as the first 'physics based MMO'.'s Carolyn Koh has been spending time playing Vindictus since its launch recently and she has a lot to say about the game. Check out her thoughts about the Physics system; the UI, Controls & the World; Combat, Training, Crafting; the Avatar Shop; Initial Impressions; and Carolyn's final verdict.

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CombineElite2993d ago

Just found out about this hack and slash MMO. I saw a trailer of it and was AMAZED at the combat and physics. When I saw the Mage kick the mutant looking thing through the wall, I was hooked.

Vindictus runs on the Source Engine (Half Life 2) and has Physics and interactive environments. the developer seems to be really working on making Vindictus bigger and adding more content. It looks great so far.