How to Upload Black Ops Footage to YouTube writes, "If you even just briefly look at footage of Call of Duty: Black Ops on YouTube, it's hard not to want to put some of your own glory moments up as well. We've all been there at some point another, had that glory kill with no way to showcase the world how truly great it was.

The folks over at Treyarch thought about those of us without a capture card or device, by incoporating a nice little feature known as Theater mode in the title. While Theater mode is nice, they've allowed us to take it another step further by incorporating a way to take the footage straight to your YouTube account."

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Call_me_Ishmael2985d ago

this is stupid,they only let you upload 30 sec,if you
want it to be easy get a pvr or dvr

Ragz0172984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

5 rendered clips on my file share but none of them show up on treyarch's website.. i even linked my gaming id to my youtube account..

it's slow as fk :(

Microsoft_Spokesman2984d ago

It's the same thing for me D:! People from the PlayStation forums say they had to wait 2 days for the videos to show up -- and when they did the video was SD quality and the audio was terrible.

KyRo2984d ago

The feature is in beta mode. Give it some time.

Pacman3212984d ago

Better than nothing!
I've always wanted to upload clips to Youtube but i never got a capture card, so this is good for people like me.
Plus its still in beta stage.

Ragz0172984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

were you able to see your clips on the site ?

if yes then how much time does it take ? i rendered my clips about 7hrs ago still nothing on site..

Microsoft_Spokesman2984d ago

People on the PS forums say they had to wait 2 days for the videos to show up.

Pacman3212983d ago

No not yet i haven't got any clips under 30 seconds :/

Pedobear Rocks2984d ago

Theatre clips to our video folder and letting the PS3's builtin Youtube uploader do the rest? Overly complicated solution and overly restricted.

Ragz0172984d ago

to please as well.. we wont get that cuz 360 has no youtube uploader built in.. current system is way too complicated and slow..

we'll be able to upload full replays in gt5 using that uploader though.. can't wait.. m

xX TriiCKy Xx2984d ago

Hence why people can say the PS3 has more features...

mrv3212984d ago

For those saying they don't have a capture should look quite hard around their house.

My 10 years old PC has one, I have a DVR with input, my DVD and all of which can be put on a PC... I'd use a VHS is only for the retro appeal.

I was increasingly annoyed by people using nice cameras to record in direct footage despite in the scene there was what looked like a DVD-R.

Capture cards aren't that expensive for SD.

xX TriiCKy Xx2984d ago

How would I be able to tell if mine had one?

stickskills2984d ago

You typically would know though, most don't come standard.

mrv3212984d ago

It'd usually say S-VIDEO IN, and while they are rare if you have an older PC with one, simply take it out and put in your newer PC. A free upgrade... but be careful, opening up your PC can LITRALLY OPEN UP A WHOLE BAG OF WORMS.

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