Black Ops - Presidents Fight Zombies

Paul writes, "This video captures what happens when you complete the campaign mode its kind of funny, and was a great idea on the part of the developing team to use these characters that they chose, Its all in good fun it's just a game after all.
When you finish, you get a hilarious cut scene with some major figures that somehow just don't belong together.
After that there is a break in at the Pentagon and you playing as one of the famous characters must try to defend against the incoming on slot."

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Hitman07692988d ago

wow this iz ridiculous!!

-Mezzo-2987d ago

Getting my copy, on Tuesday, can't freakin wait.

xX TriiCKy Xx2987d ago

You guys don't have it yet? I'm finished with the campaign and level 40. o_O

Hitman07692987d ago

Lol of course I have it, I just didn't play it much yet :( work sucks~!

xX TriiCKy Xx2987d ago

Ah ok. I thought maybe you lived under a rock at the bottom of the ocean so USPS couldn't deliver. :D


im still enjoying this game

meiamsome2988d ago

whaaaaat are u seriousss?

scar202988d ago

You can unlock this by beating story mode or putting a cheat code in.
I beat story mode so i unlocked it normaly.

LoaMcLoa2987d ago

And for you who wonders, the cheat is: 3arc unlock

You type it on the small computer in the main menu

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