Shockblast Media: Call Of Duty: Black Ops Review

From "2010 has been the year of the big talkers, and the Call Of Duty franchise has traveled through it with a bullseye firmly planted on their back. Through it all, the two publishers of the series, Infinity Ward and Treyarch, have taken it all in stride, as contenders and pretenders alike lined up to take their best shot at the throne of the king. From Bad Company 2 to Medal Of Honor right on down to Halo: Reach, everyone took their shot at the undisputed kings of the first person shooter genre with varying levels of success and failure. With November rolling around, it was time for Treyarch to step up to the table and show the world how it is done, as it was their turn to release the next addition to the most successful series in the history of gaming – Call Of Duty: Black Ops. Little did we know, a bitch slapping was about to commence." (definite spoilers)

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