OXCGN’s Vanquish Review: Space Marines on ‘Roids?


"Japanese development house Platinum Games have followed up 2009′s over-the-top action outing Bayonetta with a third-person shooter that, if you can believe it, is even more of an overload on the senses. It’s the final game from legendary creator Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, Devil May Cry) while associated with Platinum, as he has since left to form a new studio.

Taking place in the nearish future, Vanquish is a story of complications between the United States and their enemy, the Russians, as both nations attempt to alleviate Earth’s dwindling resources by using space stations to harvest energy from the Sun.

In a move that makes the pettiness behind the Cold War seem laughable, Russia’s dictator and the game’s leading villain – Victor Zaitsev – encourages his forces to take control of an American space station, point it at San Francisco and blow it up with a ray of pure solar energy!"

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BadCircuit2989d ago

I think that the shooting genre is getting a bit overused. I think that there are more shooters than I'd like, as shown by this one which is another sci-fi shooter like Halo.

gaminoz2989d ago

I don't think it is like Halo from what I read in the review...more like a combo between Halo and Gears, but yeah...hadn't heard much about it and I wonder how well it sold.

XboxOZ3602989d ago

Thanks god there's no Zombies in it, but I bet that because there's no Multiplayer component, many will not be drawn to it.

Seems many gamers are not that interested in a game per-se, but simply an excuse to get online with others to slaughter opponents, irrespective of the title.

Shame really, as there's a great deal that goes into producing a Singleplayer game. Perhaps all developers should just abandon all SP games, and just put out MP games based on maps with no story etc, they'd save millions if they did.

Proeliator2989d ago

But OZ, the fact that the game is so short, and the campaign is the only mode, is reason within itself to avoid the game. With so many AAA titles coming out, this $60 is better allocated elsewhere until you can find it for $10 or $20 later on.

XboxOZ3602989d ago

Perhaps, but as the reviewer [points out, the game can be played through in about 4-5 hrs, on casual, bt bump it up to hard, or even higher, and then you're talking another languge. A significant longer game, as dieing is common on those upper levels.

Question really is, would gamers play it on such higher levels and face getting killed so much, or simply run through it on casual to say they beat the game in X hrs etc.

I remember one guy said he could finish BLACK (one of the best FPS on the 1st-gen Xbox) in 2 hrs, 57min and 37 secs . . . Mind you he did nothing but run from one end of the game to the other on the lowest setting.

But is that really 'playing a game'?

gaminoz2989d ago

I personally don't see not having a multi as a big negative. Games like the recent Bond that just put one out for the sake of it don't help the game any.

guzman2989d ago

@Proelitator: Go take a walk off a cliff, mutt. Hell, you and the reviewer for this no-count, shit site should make it a double.

Godem2989d ago

looks fun, but not long enough for me.

guzman2989d ago

That's what she said.