Playstation Move vs. Xbox 360 Kinect: Which Is the Better Bargain?

Four years ago, Nintendo Wii captured consumers' imagination with simple motion-sensing controls and games that promoted community involvement. It was easy to consider motion-control gaming a fad until everybody's mother, father, sister, grandpa -- well, everyone -- wanted to try it.

The two high-definition gaming giants, Sony and Microsoft, have motion-sensing systems in stores for the holidays.

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N4Great2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Who can disagree with facts ?

answer : only poor delusional fanboyz in denial, and people who can't read reviews : this article say the same thing than pandemic.

Rush2986d ago

Only a delusional fanboy can claim something that's as prospective as value as fact.

DERKADER2986d ago

Why does Kinect threaten so many people?

Rush2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

9 out of 10 scientist agree reading this comment will make you 15 percent less retarded.

There are no facts in this opinion piece, it's purely prospective as such people are free to pick whatever is the better value to them.

What's better value to someone drowning in the ocean, a rowing boat or a backpack of full of gold tied to your back?

What's better value to the person outside the jewelers?

Disclaimer: Reading this comment can only help cure your retardation if your IQ is already above 40 it cannot cure people without hope, if you find yourself disagreeing with this comment then am sorry I truly am.

The-Tentacle2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

It's really hard to take your condescending comment seriously when you don't even understand the words you are using...

pro·spec·tive /prəˈspektiv/Adjective
1. (of a person) Expected or expecting to be something particular in the future.
2. Likely to happen at a future date; concerned with or applying to the future.

I think you meant perspective? Go back to school before you start talking about other peoples IQs.

Lightsaber2986d ago

A full move set up cost 180 for a single player. For 2 players its 360. Plus 300 for a ps3 so 660 dollars total. While a wii is that is the same thing only cost 200 dollars plus 65 for an extra controller for a 2nd player. For a total of 265 dollars. Kinect is 300 nothing extra needed.

So for 2 players

Ps3 Move $660
360 Kinect $300
Wii $265

So the cheapest is the wii. THe wii also has 10 times more games the the other 2 combine.

Out of just the Move and Kinect the kinect is less then half the price. The Kinect is also different for wii that is by far the best value

darthv722986d ago

The toughest part about the term "value" is that is is more than simply monetary. people place value on things differently which means that the term can be subjective.

From an economical stand point, kinect comes out to be cheaper in that you simply buy the kinect unit and thats it. It is ready for single or multiplayer use.

Move is a single player unit from the beginning. Either you buy the complete kit (which is just one controller and camera) or you buy the move itself (which is sold in single form). To truly realize the potential for multiplayer you need addition mover units. Depending on the games, you either need 4 move controllers for 2 player (which can be costly) or 2 moves and 2 nav-cons for 2 player.

That is just from the pricing POV kinect is the better "economical" value. The actual enjoyment you receive from using either can add to the overall value. The games make the hardware not just the hardware itself.

Right now move has an advantage in that many games can be patched to add move as an alternate control scheme. This can add value to the gameplay where as before you played with the traditional controls, now you can do it differently and it didnt cost you a new game to buy.

I have not seen (nor do i think there will be) any patched 360 games to support kinectg so for now it is all about exclusive kinect titles (can only be played by kinect). From that POV, kinect has more of those than move. At least, it did as compared to the launch of each unit.

As the title suggests, "which is a better bargain" i would agree that move is. You can use it with existing games and just buy the unit or bundle to just simply be in a single player experience. If it were about "which is the better value" then it would be kinect as it gives the complete experience with nothing more to buy.

Like I said, the games are what make or break the hardware and from a potential perspective I can see both being a great value to entertainment.

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Samus HD2986d ago

Only the original - Wii

vhero2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Read the bottom of the article!

"Cool factor vs. use factor: Can afford only one? Go with PlayStation Move. Kinect points to gaming's future but has too many caveats that lead to costs. "

But havn't we seen enough of these before they were released already?

seinfan2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Ishmael is correct. Deep down inside, all the suckers that bought either of these things know they basically threw money down the toilet.

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blackburn52986d ago

Wait! *puts on flame proof, fanboy proof adamantium helmet* Okay..... go!!

Iramo2986d ago

fanboys,trolls,game addicted virgins and omega are all coming here some one call the fire fighters and tell them to stand by

TenSteps2986d ago

This is bit more bearable than the other topic but still...

jneul2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

well for £130 you can get 1x starter pack, 1xmove and 2xgames move is better value for money because it does all kinds of games where kinect is restricted to casual and on-rails like games, that is the kind of money you can spend just on one kinect unit with only kinect adventures on, then lets not forget you can go the cheap route and only buy the starter kit if you please which is now only £40 in some places

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