10 Things in CoD: Black Ops that will Drive You to Murder

EX: "While I readily confess that the only way I'll achieve a respectable kill streak is if everyone takes pity on me and stops playing for about ten minutes, there are other things about “Call of Duty: Black Ops” that will, without fail, make you grind your teeth and contemplate the merits of homicide. Here are ten of them."

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poopnscoop2992d ago

Should be titled "Ten reasons why Halo: Reach: is better than Call of Dooty: Black Oops.

If you have skill, you play Halo. I LOL at the people who think KIllzone 3 or this game is going to be able to topple Halo. There's no chance --sorry, the best FPS of 2010 and 2011 already came out.

Chuk52992d ago

1st-Black Ops campaign as far better than reach's campaign.
2nd-It's preference.
3rd-KZ3 had nothing to do wtih this article.
4th-This is why KZ fans call halo fans idiots on this site.
5th- your one bubble is up.

sdtarm2992d ago

CoD Black Ops Sux

Reach is the same sht i hate this gaming generation :/

gamesmaster2991d ago

ownage of the day award goes to Chuk5. 1up

antz11042991d ago

True that man, he needs to scoop that poop right atta here!

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MMFGaming2992d ago

Haha, Call of Dooty: Black Oops.

Better than Halo: Reach Around?

It's a toughie.

im-12-years-old2992d ago


You can only choose one

Ducky2992d ago

I dunno. I actually like halo since it takes more than one-burst to take someone down. You need some consistent aiming instead of the typical point-n-click one-shots that seem to be getting more and more popular.
It reminded me of Quake and UT... which had a form of gameplay I enjoyed, fast-paced with large amounts of health.

Obvious troll was obvious though. =/

TheIneffableBob2992d ago

The thing about Halo Reach is that the skill ceiling seems kinda low. I admit that I haven't invested hundreds of hours into the game and know everything about it, but in the several hours that I have played it, it was pretty easy keeping my crosshair over the heads of my enemies and killing them with the DMR because of the aim assist.

FragMnTagM2991d ago

All console shooters have some sort of auto aim.

Mystickay862992d ago

Holy. Creature - Halois Fanborius. A creature who considers Halo to be the golden grail of gaming. Will lash at any FPS game that is non-halo. Proceed with caution.

Oh and CoD > Halo. "In my opinion".

Anorexorcist2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

A very strange, blind, deaf creature that speaks of Master Chief with the same fondness that gay men speak of Barbara Streisand.

Proceed with caution, as it may be in need of deodorant and hot pockets.

Sgt_Slaughter2992d ago

you are literally too stupid to insult.

Redlogic2992d ago

has been watching "The Hangover" a little bit too much hahah

BeOneWithTheGun2992d ago

It might not have "teh salez!" of Halo but it (for me) will be a much better game. Halo is fun when my nephew is over (he's 10) and we go online and do some split screen. However, when I want a graphical and technical masterpiece to play with actual adults, I have to say Halo is not that game.

Have you seen the beta for Killzone 3? You would actually say that Reach is better (graphics, technically, etc) than KZ?

You, sir, are on crack.

DaBadGuy2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Wow Scoop...not one agree...I mean....not one.

I mean, my god I love Reach and I have a lot of fun with it and Black Ops, but Killzone 3 looks great too. I haven't played the beta, but it looks very cool. But Halo Reach is out right now and yeah it is good.

The best shooter of 2010-2011?


Duke Nukem Forever hasn't been released yet.

Better be the best damn shooter ever released.

solar2991d ago

this comment failed when i saw "skill" and "console shooter" in the same breath.

what i hate about Blops, is i hate the feeling of someone always behind me and not being able to make a squad with friends.

but im a Battlefield fan so i guess i should just take Blops for what it is.

kparks2991d ago

there is no way a explosive kill streak shout be at three kills.. 2 with hardline all u hear all match is enemy rcxd.. heads up rcxd spotted. enemy rcxd in your area!!! and so on. and they need to fix the crappy ps3 version every time i die i fall through the map. i actually spawned off a cliff and died one time! and the servers suck and disconnection and leg they need a update now not sure how the other versions are but the ps3 one is crap!when they fix all the problems the game should kick ass

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Cevapi882992d ago

you are the number 1 reason why i would never buy Halo:Reach

Psychic_Waffle2992d ago

I can relate to this.

Odd as it may seem, the impression a specific gaming community has on me influences whether or not I play certain games or whatever.

That said, my last PS3 game was MGS4. This site in particular is a big turn off to the PS3, but it doesn't seem like I'm missing much.

Relating to Black Ops, however, so far I'm liking the game, but the negative opinions toward it seem to devalue the game for me (the multiplayer aspect). I've yet to try it for myself, but I'm hoping I enjoy it more than MW2. The rest of the game felt mostly solid, so thumbs up for that.

soundslike2992d ago

im pretty sure the reason those "wtf i shot you" moments happen is to avoid the dreaded double kills (you kill him he kills you same time) that happen CONSTANTLY in most unpolished MP games. Yet those doublekilldeaththings barely ever happen in COD...suspicious, no?


vickers5002992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Getting killed right at your home flag base within a f*cking inch of capturing it, then having the enemy return their flag while taking yours after you are dead and eventually capturing it while the rest of your team is off playing team deathmatch somewhere in the far corners of the map, not even attempting to capture or escort the flag or even defend the base.

But my favorite so far is playing Black Ops campaign on veteran. That's one that will most definitely drive you to a murderous rage.

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