These 4 Actors Would Make a Better Nathan Drake Than Mark Wahlberg

Rumours are running about that Mark Wahlberg of I-fucked-up-the-Max-Payne-movi e fame is set to play the iconic protagonist of the Uncharted videogames in the film adaptation. Considering the poor way he handled a respectably established character like Max Payne in it's big screen rendition, we have our reservations. What we can do is make up fantasy lists of dudes who would be better suited for the role than the dorky cop from The Other Guys.

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DORMIN2989d ago

Whomever the hell the actor is PLEASE make a good videogame movie.

Dee_912989d ago

and uncle phil from fresh prince of bel air should play sully

Beefstew4u2989d ago

Nolan North would be the best choice. He looks like Nathan Drake, and he is his voice.

Also, Emily Rose should obviously play Elena. She plays her in the games, and she looks EXACTLY like her.

karl2989d ago

i never thought about who should play nathan drake

but if there is one actor who shouldn't do it.. its Mark Wahlberg

u already fucked Max payne .. pls someone stop him!!!!

gamingdroid2989d ago

Yeah, I would be less worried about the actor and be more concerned about the execution!

inveni02989d ago

The actor plays a big role in the final product (pun unintended). Mark Wahlberg would be an AWEFUL choice for Nathan Drake. He's just not interesting enough. He's too boring. Nathan Drake is freak'n awesome. It would be very difficult to replace him, even though he's just a video game character.

Coffin872989d ago

I don't understand why there HAS to be a movie in the first place.
Oh wait.. money.

goflyakite2989d ago

Jason Bateman is awesome.

But the voice actors would be great, they act out all of the scenes in mocap anyways.

Blacktric2989d ago

I'd say, Ryan Reynolds would also be a better choice. Guy can act like a natural d*ck (not saying Drake is one but, probably you get what I mean). Also has the body, hair, acting skills do to it.

inveni02989d ago

I think he would be perfect for the job. People on N4G generally disagree with me because they like Nathan Fillion...but I have no loyalties to Firefly, and I don't think he looks--or sounds--the part at all. But Ryan Reynolds sounds exactly like Nathan Drake, with the exact same sense of humor. Seriously, which actor would sound better saying, "Kitty got wet"?

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Elven62989d ago

Fillion does look kind of like Drake, I don't know much about his acting ability asides from VG voice work though so I can't comment on that end.

I think Fillion actually made a joke about this a few months back on Twitter. :P

Cevapi882989d ago

i think you are confusing Fillion with North....Fillion has been in movies and tv series...North is the VG voice actor

KYU21302989d ago

i think his acting style fits the character profile of Drake to a T.

look at Serenity and then check out his tv show Castle.

he has the wit and attitude for the part.

Cevapi882989d ago

i made the same comment in a similar thread...someone needs to send the director a copy of Serenity and then he needs to take a hard look at why Whalberg would be a terrible choice

jony_dols2989d ago

If the film is a success, then Sony will want sequels.

Unfortunately Fillion would be at forty when the film releases, while Nathan Drake (in the game) is only in his late 20's....

If Sony are planning ahead with 3 films in mind, then Fillion would be nearing fifty by the third. (Actually now that I checked Marky Mark is nearly 40 as well!)

Ryan Reynolds has star power, and he can act (Buried),
he's a maybe....

Elven62989d ago

Cevapi88: Nope, Fillion does video game voice work now too, he has been in two Halo games and I think maybe a super hero game or two.

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Christopher2989d ago

Wahlberg doesn't have enough personality to do justice to Nathan. Not in the slightest bit. You need someone like Fillion or similar who is used to pulling off the quips and smirks. Unfortunately, Fillion just isn't the right age or shape to play a role like this anymore. Perhaps 5-10 years ago, but now he's gotten into the roles he's been given and doesn't have the time to put towards getting himself in shape for one role while gaining the weight for his other.

Cajun Chicken2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

WILL People stop ignoring Joe Flanigan?!?

BattleAxe2989d ago

I've never thought of him before, but he'd be a great choice.

tommyth3cat2989d ago

Can't argue with that, he's a great actor and he really mastered his role in the middle of season 2.

Hard to choose between him and Fillion(correct spelling by the way, pretty sad the author couldn't check IMDB)though.

Quagmire2989d ago

Lol, pretty good actor, but he sounds like a retarded Nicholas Cage (if that's even possible).

IMO, its a toss-up between North and Fillion, or else I refuse to watch it.

Cajun Chicken2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Hint. Flanigan would be cheaper and an unknown, much like Harrison Ford when he debuted as Han Solo and also like the way that Nathan Drake (an unknown) just exploded onto our consoles and stole everyone with his everyman charm. Also bigger budget for special effects, think of it that way.

They could make the film a whole lot cheaper if they got a relatively unknown. When was the last time you saw Joe in something since Atlantis?

madpuppy2989d ago

a year now, the guy is perfect for the part, similar frame and facial features, heck, he even has the right voice.

hesido2989d ago

Well he does a lot of climbing in that video, which doesn't hurt his chances!

redsquad2989d ago

Flanigan, or Dylan McDermott. Both have the rougish good looks and 'rakish' hair!

Romudeth2989d ago

How'd I miss that one? Joe would be a great Nathan Drake!

Christopher2989d ago

He can't act... He's great for SciFi, but for a big production movie? No.

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Tikicobra2989d ago

How about Nolan North? The character is more or less modeled after him, and the voice is extremely important.

sehnsucht2989d ago

That's what I've been saying/thinking the whole time...he already does the mocap and voice

Quagmire2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

He may have the voice and personality of Drake, however its his physique which brings him down unfortunatly. He needs to lose a bit of weight and bulk up a bit, then he'll be perfect. Otherwise its just easier to get Fillion.

OneSneakyMofo2989d ago

How about let's get these movie script writers to join the Uncharted 3 team. That'd be epic. :D

Cajun Chicken2989d ago

Other way, judging from the sound of the movie. Get the Uncharted team to join the writers and stop it from apparently being about antique dealers.

PirateThom2989d ago

As a very untoned male, with no prior acting experience, longish hair and sideburns with a Belfast accent, I'm pretty sure I would make a better Nathan Drake than Mark Wahlberg.