Sony Developing 3D Games for 2008?

Mitsubishi is currently planning to develop a '3D Blu-ray Player'. When presenting this demo they handed out 'goofy 3d glasses' and showed some new 3D-imaging technology the company has been working on. They say. . .

. . .the demo was run from a massive Dell desktop and output onto a large DLP set. In an effort to inject new life into the fading rear-projection category, the company's pitch was that the 3D technology worked with existing DLP TVs and projectors (due to DLP's native 120Hz refresh rate, which allows you to split it into 60/60 for 3D) but not with LCD and plasma displays.

After the live demo they went on and hinted that they would be integrating their new technology into one of the 3 major game consoles. Since the PS3 is the only one that supports Blu-ray what ever could they mean?

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americanGTA4064d ago

cool, only prob is after one hour of playing you will get head ackes

eXplotion4064d ago

but who has DLP TVs anyways?

TheExecutive4064d ago

I do... 61" 1080P samsung and it has the best quality picture Ive seen and is especially good for gaming.

Odion4064d ago

this is the third time that this story has gotten approved

SofaKingReetodded4064d ago

don't it xbot?

lol, sufferrrrr fool

toughNAME4064d ago

like including rumble in their controllers

supposively Sonys coming out with one..well atleast the admit their mistakes

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4064d ago

I don't see how no rumble is a mistake. I don't see why its even needed, it adds nothing to gameplay.

Anal4064d ago

You bloody idiot!!!!!!! complete sony fanARSEHOLE! Rumble is needed!!!!
Driving games


Odion4064d ago

my controller shaking like a mother when a big daddy is near, would disagree with your statement that rumble is useless. However Lair would love to say motion control is

Bits-N-Kibbles4064d ago

The law suit is over and all is well... fan's are requesting it, we know it's possible with the sixaxis. I, and many others miss rumble. I love the fact that games create the feel on screen but there is nothing like the adding another sense to make the game more real. Sight, Sound, And TOUCH! LOL, anyways, some force feed back or w/e you want to call it would be sweet. I'm not sure what the difference between that and rumble is but advancement is always a great thing.

SofaKingReetodded4064d ago

how about when you play Biocrock and a Big Daddy is near, this Big Daddy is there to smack you around a bit, will that feel real enough?? lol

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socomnick4064d ago

I remember playing a 3d game for super Nintendo came with 3d glasses the 3d effects dint really work but I though it was cool at the time it was a platforming game.

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