Kinect: The fails continuing

More and more videos of Kinect fails are showing up on the internet.

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Godmars2902992d ago

There is no way that woman didn't pop that kid on purpose.

Brewski0072992d ago

without considering your living area first and making sure you have plenty of room.
Many people buying this seem to think if They're back far enough from the kinect device itself then it should be ok. But the room also has to be suitable so that you can jump around and wave eradicaly. Then people have to consider doing this beside another person and whether the playing area is wide enough also.
This is definately a bad idea for the average home.

Godmars2902992d ago

Dude, was just calling it fake. As in faked Kinects video.

mcstorm2991d ago

I love the hate this site has for kinect. I have ut and it dose not need any more room than the Wii or move dose when playing as 1 or 2 players. The only fault I have found with kinect is if you have too much Sun light in the room you are playing kinect in it has problems picking you up but my move has the same problem and my front room is Sun faceing and in on the 7th floor and its a glass wall so the Sun is really bright with no cloud. Apart from that the device works very well and on the games I have I can't see any lag.

uxo222992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

People hit an smack each other all the time. You don't think people smack each other when two people play wii or Move games. Don't be such a lemming, for every single person playing kinect where someone gets smacked, there's 5000 others with no incidents at all.

Some people over play everything. I haven't yet heard anyone say OMG Kinect is so fun and involving that people forget where they are or what their surrounding are. You know why, because you'd much rather hate.

Look at the dumb ass title, what does these people have to do with KINECT FAILING?

Do these represent Move fails?

In short NO, this is people being people. What's sad is the poor souls scouring the internet to find this dumb sh!t only so that can bash Kinect.

Come on now, use your brains, people are going to have slip ups FOREVER as long as they are gaming.

I have played all the motion controlled games and they are all fun. Stop hating and get a girlfriend or something this way you will have more time to love and less time to hate.

Also, if you get too far away from kinect or too far left or right you would be out the the play area. These spaces are plenty to play kinect, you just need to use your brain and realize that you don't really need to dive on the damn floor to dig a volleyball.

jmoneezie2992d ago

Well said, but you know as well as I do that people will hate simply because they are jealous for whatever reason. They don't want Kinect to suceed because all the Bullsh!t they have been talking would be for nothing.

They can't help themselves, hate for these guys is like crack to a crackhead they just have to do

Vavoom2992d ago

How is this a Kinect fail.

Well said UXO

The real killer2992d ago

You call this fail? Hahaha.

oohWii2992d ago

I just bought Kinect, and It's by far the best of the three motion controls. I couldn't get my wife to play with my Move setup. But I can't get her off of Kinect.

Fail my ass!

livinwitbias2992d ago

Incredible that people see this as a kinect fail.

Look at the haters line to hit

so funny

Well said UXO, only a fool could disagree because your point is perfectly clear especially with your example videos.

ShinMaster2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Sorry, but

This isn't gaming.

@ oohWii
At least my gitl knows how to play real games. Haha xD

ExplosionSauce2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I don't care for either move or Kinect, but all the hating and "fail" articles need to stop. It's just dumb and tiresome.

oohWii2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I must say I have to agree with you 100%. Your girl does know how to play real games. I can vouche for her on that one, no doubt about it ^^

xino2992d ago


Thanks for da video man!

Lightsaber2992d ago

I actually find most of these videos pretty funny. How I think that woman smack that kid just so she could post a video on youtube and thats F'ing sad.

But the title is stupid kinect fail. Seriously ? Needs to be retitle to kinect injuries or something


The difference between the Kinect & PS-Move fail videos is that Kinect forces you to do those over exaggerated action which inevitably causes a risk of injuring yourself.

On the other hand the PS-Move doesn't force you to do over exaggerated movements but it's the result of the users own stupidity or over-excitement that causes him/herself injury.

But I don't like both of them and I'm not taking anyone's side.

oohWii2991d ago

Kinect hasn't forced me to do anything.

I would agree that gamer excitement enables them to forget where they are and for me this is a good thing because that means the game is interactive enough to pull them in.

jarrod19812991d ago

what you say is right but the overflow of sony trolls on this site will tell you that you are worng.

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xXxSeTTriPxXx2992d ago

i call bs.the mom look like she did it on purpose.

Cajun Chicken2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

This is what happens when you start marketing videogames for people that honestly don't have the hand eye co-ordination to play games with something as simple as a controller.

Have to try to make things more 'simple' for those that never learnt by actually making them more complicated for the human body. It's so sad really, starting playing the more energy taking and ironically hand-eye co-ordination based games.

My suggestion, have a Kinect App with step by step tuition for people to learn how to do something as simple as move two analogue sticks and alternate buttons. Because if they can jump around like fools, wave hands, do dances. I'm pretty sure the same people are capable of shortening down the list of mental actions to hold a controller in TWO HANDS.

Quagmire2992d ago

Its like teaching a Cow how to fish, completely incompatible.

HolyOrangeCows2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

It's like teaching Quagmire (f.g.) to wear a condom.

Or Bobby Kotick to stop being cancer on the gaming industry.

NewZealander2992d ago

she so did that on purpose...

baodeus2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

i swear man, kinect gonna bring the child abuse law into question. Did parent just find a loophole to legitly abusing your children (like the woman in the vid)?

Anways people are being stupid. Do they even read the warning in every kinect games about allowing more space when more people are playing? I wish i could by pass that warning in every game, but MS really make sure people read those warnings, and there are good reason for that. People deserve it if it still happen.

blasian2992d ago

That kid in the first video turned around so quick with a look like "woman hit me again and see what happens"

DERKADER2992d ago

You can't blame Kinect for people being stupid. That would be like blaming a gun for shooting some one.

MAJ0R2992d ago

stupid analogy, Kinect is designed for large open spaces which most ppl don't have

callahan092992d ago

They market it like it's for everyone. This is literally their marketing. Can't play games because controllers are too complicated for you? Then try Kinect, you'll love it! Nobody is making it clear to the average consumer what kind of space is required to use this device safely and effectively. It falls on the average consumer, too, because the average consumer doesn't do their research. But still.

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