TurboGrafx-16 Games Hitting PSN In Europe


In Japan, PlayStation Network has a sizable library of downloadable TurboGrafx-16 games. Classics including Bonk, Alien Crush, and soon Falcom’s Ys series are available to play on a PSP or PlayStation 3.

These games are finally heading Westward, thanks to a leak from USK. Germany’s video game rating board has the following games in their database:

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Cajun Chicken2992d ago

OMG! BC Kid, AKA Bonk's Adventure!

Fantastic! Hopefully this'll make up for the insult and artistic style for the recently developed one.

MultiConsoleGamer2991d ago

Legendary Axe, Bonks Adventure, Dracula X, Blazing Lazers, Bloody Wolf, Alien Crush, Dragon Spirit, Splatterhouse, Military Madness, Neutopia, Dungeon Explorer, Victory Run, Time Cruise, Final Lap Twin, Soldier Blade, Side Arms... The list goes on and on...

fossilfern2991d ago

:D! YES! the TurboGrafix had some amazing shooters ! cant wait for this