SG Review: The Fight: Lights Out

SG: If you’re a Sarcastic Gamer regular, you’re probably pretty aware that earlier in the week I had my ass royally handed to me by The Fight, the latest addition to Sony’s first-party line-up of motion-controlled Move titles. Good news is, I’ve made a full recovery.

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blackburn52987d ago

Thought so. I knew that it wasn't as bad as people said. I have been hearing different things then what the reviews said since this game has come out.I think I might give this a go after all.

rdgneoz32987d ago

Nice review. They had one the other day, loved one comment with a video. Showed how if someone actually levels up a bit, the game is pretty good, better than what lazy reviewers say.

Then you have people that play (probably like most reviewers) that suck ass, like so...

FunAndGun2986d ago

LOL at that second video. Looks like an episode of Jerry Springer. Would be funny to see the vids of the people playing those characters.

Nariko-20112986d ago

Over the 20 or so glaring ones...big shock.
This game has a 5.0 average on N4G for a reason. Not every Sony game is gold. Stop being a sheep, guy

rdgneoz32986d ago

And when buggy and glitchy games get 9s and 10s from reviewers, or when reviewers copy and paste reviews for all formats, you tend to question reviewers. Not saying its a 10/10 game, but probably closer to a 7 if the reviewers actually leveled up their characters so that they had more power behind their punches and better accuracy.

fear882986d ago

The fact that sarcastic gamer took the time to properly understand the game and to go into great detail tells me he is not just sugar-coating a review to get people to buy it (ala COD Fanboys) nor is he just all around lazy and would rather spend less time playing and more time typing a review to insult the readers and the developers of the actual game.

He spent his time. He gave the game a fair shot and it came out working. It could be better but it was a lot better than what most reviewers where claiming as outright broken.

This is how a proper review is done. And SG knows it. In fact thats why he is getting a better following. He does not have any money-ties to the likes of Sony, Activision, EA, or Microsoft to muddle up his opinion.

And to be fairly honest, I consider gamepro a far more fair reviewer because they could easily accept the helicopter and resort incentives to review a broken game but didn't. And that is what game journalism needs. An objective opinion and a straight to the point approach.

I am always discouraged by the adverts on gaming websites where they actually go ahead and review a game and post an obviously bad game with a great score and lets not forget about Gerstmann-gate where he ended up getting fired for outright stating the game was a dud.

We need the small blogs to keep the big guys like IGN and gamespot in check.

Without their objective opinion we have nothing but other bought and paid for scores to compare to.

Ju2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I believe what I see. And I got that game. Works great. Like with all move games, this is real workout not just some lets hop around in circles in an afternoon game. But people might have guessed so - just from the looks of the game. Those "good" reviews also provide more in depth information than the "give the game some quick points" reviews.

Pennywise2985d ago

Nariko - Could it be out of the realm of possibility that the reviewers that have slammed this game didnt play it like any other game they would have reviewed.

Should they have reviewed Demon's Souls by just playing the first 1-1 stage? How about any role playing game reviewed - SHould they judge the game based on their level 1 attributes and moves? NO THEY SHOULDN'T. Why would they do that for the fight?

I think it is shameful and irresponsible for these reviewers not to give the fight at least 6 hours like they would give any game. You NEED to level up your attributes - Especially Technique. You have to get all of your attributes up before you start punching in game like a pro. You can spend hours doing this and still get no where if you are a fat greasy out of shape slob. <-- I'm guessing most reviewers have never thrown a punch in their life too.

Another thing you need to realize - Headtracking doesnt work. Mark a point or two off for this if you must. For a broken feature, it should have just been removed.

Your move controllers are getting flung around while fighting and you might see your hands in game not line up with the way you are holding the moves. Put both hands chest level and hit O. Hands will reset and you can block and punch accurately. Its not like Danny T didnt tell you to get used to doing this to make your game work.

Moving your feet - It isnt that you cant step into your punch... but you need to keep your feet in the circle you calibrated them in. If you move it will mess you up and you will have to(god forbid) hit the O button to reset. It isnt rocket science.

The game will whip you into shape. You will feel a sense of fitness after playing. It is 1:1 punching. If you flail with the moves, your arms will flail. If you punch like a man, you will hit hard in game. Its pretty damn simple.

Sarcastic gamer is 100% correct - This game is a buy. Screw all of you people who are listening to the 2/10 reviews. Friggin IGN was trying to block with O.... YOU BLOCK WITH YOUR HANDS. These noobs really need their review rights revoked. Sev has lost every single future click he used to get from me with his review. In admitting he only fought one fight. How do you judge any game on a 30 second fight? Sev - Less twinkies and more punches, son.

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120FPS2986d ago


Looks like we have another case of WKC and Haze, a game that is totally shit but because its PS3 the game is "actually good" and all of the reviews are wrong

Reading your comments is like watching the film step brothers - funny as fuck and never gets tiresome

Oh and sarcastic gamer is a noob

mac_sparrow2986d ago

Haze I'll give you, average in every way, but white knight chronicles? Could it be that you just don't understand the mechanics. It plays a lot like an MMO, especially online, where the meat of the game is. I don't like every game, nor do I like every exclusive, but over 100 hours of WKC tells me that I enjoyed it.

Ju2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I think that's another case of everybody not having the game "knowing" it is sh!t while people who actually have it say otherwise.

SIX2986d ago

If you know good fighting form. I would say buy it. You will be amazed how good it feels. However, if you can't throw a proper punch. Please stay away from it. You will have a terrible time. I spar in real life and this is the closest any game has felt to the real thing.

JoeReno2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Good review, should shed some light on how some sites write reviews without taken the time to actually play the game, or just play a couple fights and then off to write the review.

Off topic: has anyone had a problem with the trophies in the Fight not adding on to your gamer card? I'm having it and just wondering if this is a problem that needs reporting, or my black cat luck strikes again.

You can PM me, or reply to my comment if you are having this issue

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MasterOfThe12Blades2987d ago

nice review of an underrated game.

-Mezzo-2987d ago

agreed, i believe that motion control ga,es should be bought regardless of the reviews.

Hitman07692987d ago

I wonder how the Move controls are for this game!

SpaceSquirrel2986d ago

Sounds like a fun game for the Move.

dkblackhawk502986d ago

The game looks alright, nothing to brag about to be honest.

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