GT Prologue vs PGR4 Video Comparison

Here is a video by video comparison of the two most prominent racing franchises on the rival platforms; introducing the 4th instalment of Project Gotham Racing and the predecessor to Gran Turismo 5, Prologue.

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jay34066d ago

What have you done!?

The flame wars were starting to die down, you'r going to start a whole new war!

Is this what you want!? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT!!!???

Ok. I'm finished.

stunt2134066d ago

GT 5 Prologue wins no doubt and it's only the prologue not the real game yet. There is no racing games that can match up to Gran Turismo franchise. Forza 2 & Project Gotham 4 looks last-gen compare to GT5.

nasim4065d ago

PGR4 looks like a cartoon game against GT5.

PGR4 has no lighting even. the mototrcycle and cars look like toons

GT5 on the other hand is 100% lifelike

barom4065d ago

lmao the music didn't fit the video (imo)

also at times I couldn't see the difference, is that bad?

RINGOFDEATH4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

GT 5 is so amazing,it NO#1 and still the king.

eXplotion4065d ago


wait a mintute, it does... [email protected]#%!!!
*fanboy starts crying*

what now xbots??? :)

risk4065d ago

i stopped as soon as i heard that HORRIBLE music.

Evil0Angel4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

long amazing serious
over 4 years in making
gooooooooooood looking cars
crap environment

less than 2 years in making when it will be lunched
goooooood looking cars
amazing environment
amazzzzzzzing weather seytem(new)

anyway keep flaming i will be playing PGR4 in OCT , and if GTP is free download i will enjoy it,
if i have to pay for a demo than sony [email protected] my d1ck

xhi44065d ago

GT 5 No damage? Yes it has a damage model and will be included in the BD version of GT 5 Prologue.

Weather won't be in GT 5 prologue but will be in GT 5 the actual game.

AI in GT5 is way, and far superior to PGR4.

GT5 Graphics just kills PGR4s.

I have both consoles, I own PGR3, PGR4 I'm sure will be a great game. But GT5 i must say, will be a masterpiece. Maybe not GT prologue, but if GT5 is anything like its predecessors, it will be a master piece.

darkequitus4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

the c*ck returns

1 bubble per thread? LOL that says it all. Your comments can never be taken seriously.

Minus all the FMV at the beggining
GT5 - for cars
PGR5 - for variety i.e. day night and weather

Dareaver14065d ago

you know nothing about the AI in gt5p. Only what the tell you. Any Improvement of AI over the previous installments of Gran Turismo is most welcome. But until we see some gameplay videos that show what the AI can do without it being scripted, you can't say anything about the AI.

Not to get off topic, but Forza has truly impressive AI, if you don't believe me check it out. The AI each have different personalities, some are more aggressive, so if you bump them be sure to know that they will bump you. They will try to overtake you on the outside or the inside if they can, they make mistakes. The racing in forza single-player is almost as good as online, it's just that you can't brag to the AI about how you just smoked it and it's lap time and have the same great feeling of accomplishment.

I don't know if GT5p's AI is gonna be any good, but if it's like Forza 2 or better then GT5p has something to brag about. But until there is some proof to back up the claims, we shouldn't assume. Because GT's AI has always been the worst.

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Maddens Raiders4066d ago

but this is a waste of time. There is no comaparison here. Gran Turismo stands alone. Take care.

power of Green 4066d ago

Somebody couldn't handle the PGR4 thread must of took hours to find this. J/K. lol

Anal4066d ago

Plain and simple. You lucky buggers get to play it on PS3... Grrrrrr!

Maddens Raiders4065d ago

why don't you just buy a bundle or a used PS3 from eBay?

ShiftyLookingCow4065d ago

I think you can get used 60GB PS3s from ebay for 350-400, which is a great deal as these things are pretty reliable

Meus Renaissance4066d ago

I worked on this for some time and I'd appreciate it if you could approve it. They're both great looking games and I'm sure this video comparison highlights the strengths of both racers.

ShiftyLookingCow4065d ago

bubbles for trying, but we need HD direct feed of gameplay from both to really compare them. Other than that as you know GT5 sports some superb lighting and 1080p while PGR4 has neat weather effects

InMyOpinion4065d ago

Why not wait with the comparisons until both games are finished and released? Trying to win the N4G official flamebait competition? ;)