Just like Redbull, XCM gives Xbox 360 Slim wings plus ice-cold cooling

Maxconsole has been sent over the first ever picture of the XCM Wing Fan for Xbox 360. The good news is that the feature list reveals it can immediately cool the console down immediately and is possible to work at up to 2000 revs per minute! Now the slightly bad news is that it adds about 50 percent of bulk onto the Xbox 360, although the vibrant blue lights certainly make it look interesting.

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n to the b2989d ago

I don't need to keep my 360 cool. I need a device that will magically keep my cig/cannibis smoke out of my 360. call me when they invent that one.

Merivigian2989d ago

I think it's called Outdoors..I could be mistaken though, N4G has been posting some pretty fake stuff lately.

Spydiggity2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

i actually think it looks kinda cool. and i definitely don't think it adds 50% to the bulk of the 360...maybe 20-25%.

regardless, i doubt the slim really needs it. make one for my fat ps3...that thing could start fires.

as for the smoke...what i do is just put a fan in the window blowing out...seems to do the trick

Perjoss2989d ago

360 slim does not need cooling, it does not overheat like the older models.

MGRogue20172989d ago


The New Xbox 360's built in cooling system is perfectly fine. No overheating issues at all

BiggCMan2989d ago

yea bullshit. mine gets very hot, very quickly.

Bounkass2989d ago

Afraid of yet more, RRoD's? Fail.

SuperSaiyan42989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

It's not even on the official webpage and interesting thing is it hasn't been updated since September...

But ive noticed on the slims they do get a bit hot.