Nintendo "doing a lot of thinking as to why" Metroid: Other M underperformed

Nintendo Universe writes:

Set to be a Wii blockbuster for September, Metroid series reboot 'Other M' was met with a largely positive reaction from critics and fans of the series, yet has still failed to have the impact in sales that Nintendo were expecting. The reasons as to why, however, are continually perplexing to Nintendo of America CEO and President Reggie Fils-Aime.

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Gue12993d ago

1. retarded plot devices
2. way too easy
3. Samus wasn't the badass everybody thought that she was

tunaks12993d ago

1. Oh no she takes orders from a man!!!
2. Play it on hard
3. Play more Metroid games before spewing bs.

BornToKill2993d ago


I can count to 4 i win.

seinfan2993d ago

Real reason: it's on the Wii. Nobody plays it.

Knushwood Butt2993d ago

They should have made Samus a soccer mom that wants to get fit.

Then it would have sold a whole lot better.

deafwing2993d ago

now that's the real reason lol

turok2993d ago

I honestly didnt think that the GROL's recruitment program was gonna be successful yet here i see a gathering of trolls... has to be his doing.

5+ added to ignorelist.

Kos-Mos2993d ago

Jesus I popped many bubbles here.

seinfan2993d ago

Oh noez! I've been ignored by turok! I guess I'll shoot myself now because I fail at life.

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Active Reload2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Are you saying this because you bought the game? In which case, that creates quite the paradox when encompassing all elements surrounding this particular article. My take on this situation would be the economy having people being more cautious on their spending, at the same time checking out reviews and basing their purchases on them.

Edit: Hmm, a disagree with no comment attached to it? Let me see if I can explain myself better. The article is about sales, how can one know if they like the game without purchasing this game? The answer would be reviews, because I'm almost certain that a demo wasn't available. Correct me if I'm wrong...

Edit: Can't be true? Hmmm, interesting. Anyway, you stated your own personal reason behind the sales of M:OM, but I'm talking about in general and overall, not just personal reasons. I mean, you don't even own the system apparently. But I appreciate your response and I think you're presence on this website is useful.

pocketaces112993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

or other games would be failing to. As far as I'm concerned it's because hardcore gamers moved on from wii a while ago like myself. I really don't enjoy the system the interface is slow and clunky and very plain. The games as a whole are not very good IMO. I just don't use the system anymore. If others are like me then that could explain it. Please don't start going all crazy on my it's just a though I'm not trying to preach gospel like a fanboy.

Correction to my feelings on the system I just don't feel as attached to the system as I do my PS3. The PS3 is the center of our entertainment it's our blue-ray, netflix, networked with computer for music playing and tv movie downloads thru home theatre and thru house, gaming system, internet browser, etc etc. Wii is dust collector I don't even look at what's available anymore. I did look at M quickly and was almost intrigued but PS3 keeps me so busy when I have time that I can't be bothered.

I think their just milking every dollar they can and will hopefully wow us with a new system that will blow the competition out of the water otherwise they will need to look at a really good retirement plan for all that money because the honeymoon is over for that system

Active Reload2993d ago

Oops, I read your comment wrong, you do have a Wii?

limewax2993d ago

I disagree, personally I would put sales down to the fact that the wii is not a console that has a large following of shooters like metroid, Even my friends who are truly AVID fans of nintendo will admit they play core games on the 360 or ps3, and casual on the wii, with the odd mario and zelda game etc

I say sales didnt go right because the market isnt there, but that is just my opinion

King-Leonidas2993d ago

hmmm maybe because everybody is busy with MW2\Blackops

DarkBlood2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

i can argue wih your third reason with these thoughts

1. did you expect the game to be catered to just the old fans (ok maybe that wasnt a good thought)

2. you can't possibly think she has to be badass from the day she is born everyone starts being that from somewhere or sometime (thats what stories do people)

3. well im out of words so heres an agree for wasting your negative time here

TheBand1t2993d ago


eagle212993d ago

I guess the haters are tired of playing Black Fl-Ops already. :)

MazzingerZ2993d ago

I'm a M fan, played the originals when they came out and was shocked when the PRIME series released...awesome!

I can say that Nintendo has a special place in my heart, I purchased a Wii as soon as I heard about Metroid:Corruption and also wanted to play Zelda.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one getting the Wii for any of those games and I'm also sure I wasn't the only one selling the Wii after I realised Nintendo wasn't releasing those kind of titles I like more than once a year

that's why this game underperformed, those that would purchase it don't have the console anymore, I'd love to play this Metroid title but can't afford a console for 1 game per year.

PS3 keeps me happy and hyped.

xino2993d ago

This is a duplicate article as someone else posted an article similar to this and I explained why the game failed in sales.

I bought Wii just for Corruption too, after that I sold the wii.

I would buy it again just for Other Milfs but Nintendo just wouldn't reduce the price of the wii.

JsonHenry2993d ago

Don't make a hard core game for the Wii and expect it do well.

BillOreilly2993d ago

Its because all the casual gamers dont care about this and all the core gamers have the wii modded. Most everyone does these days. That along with renting(as i did) killed the sales. It was a great game though as every metroid is. I even liked the ds metroid. Classic games are clssic.

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soren2993d ago

the game was harder then the other metorid games if u ask me and much better in my opinion and it had a story unlike the other ones :/

Akagi2993d ago

Are they really that desperate for money?

pocketaces112993d ago

That still doesn't mean it's ok for them to have one of their biggest characters fail. If halo had those kind of sales do you not think Microsoft would be pissed

RedDead2993d ago

Metroid is a hardcore gam, not enough Hardcore games on the Wii to consider a purchase, Casual gamers won't buy a metroid/

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