Windows 7 Phones Selling Out As XBOX 360 Users Go Moblie

Not to be overshadowed by its cousin Kinect, the Windows 7 Phone was released this past Monday, and reports are that it, too, has been selling out. The Windows 7 Phone’s competition is more fierce and daunting, however, as it is directly competing with the iPhone, BlackBerry mobile, and Android.

The features that Windows 7 Phone boasts are directly aimed at Xbox 360 owners, offering Live support and games, as well as Zune support.

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R2D22987d ago

Just sold my Torch and trying to decide if I should get this or the Droid.

Seijoru2987d ago

Go for and android device, more stable and a lot more rooting options. I don't understand why this is being posted. Since when is N4G about phones?

Bigpappy2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Windows 7 phone is a gaming platform that is also tide to Xbox live. You are welcome.

TheIneffableBob2987d ago

Windows Phone 7 looks very slick from a UI perspective, but it's not quite as full featured as Android or iOS yet. Android is still my OS of choice and it'll keep getting better with the Gingerbread update that will be announced in the coming days and Honeycomb which will have a UI overhaul. Some crazy Android phones will be coming out early next year with next-gen processors, possibly dual-core.

Rush2987d ago

I honestly don't see the point of dual core phones my Iphone 4 is plenty quick enough for browsing the web and watching videos online.

Dual-core processors will just destroy battery life and wont do anything for the phone except for possibly in the gaming area.

You can already get PS2 possibly above PS2 level graphics on the Iphone 4. And as I understand outside of emulators the Android gaming area is still no where near up to the Iphone level.

TheIneffableBob2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

That's like saying "My single-core PC is fast enough. What's the point of having two cores?" The iPhone 4's chip does most things in an acceptable amount of time, but you can always be faster. For example, when scrolling quickly, you still get checkerboards; a faster system would resolve that issue.

There is nothing wrong with progressing upwards in technology. And I'm sure they will take battery life into consideration when designing these chips.

Android will surpass the iPhone in gaming once the PlayStation Phone is released.

chadwarden2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

"above ps2 level graphics"....What the hell are you smoking?

darthv722987d ago

The android is a very nice system and the Iphone is feeling dated. The new windows 7 phones are very slick and quick. As for power consumption for dual core, that is thinking like a PC not a portable phone.

These chips are faster now and use less power than even the first cell phones. The software is what brings out the best in the hardware. I would better a guess that MS will make the phones even better than the PC's due to not as many variables to try and cover.

You wont have many different video chip sets or audio chip sets or other varying PC parts. There is a set standard that phones uses and that will only make windows 7 better on a standardized platform.

Iphone I am sorry to past its prime and now it is time for something new. Android is giving it a run for its money.

Rush2987d ago

I know alot of people on N4G love to chat shit like yourself, but in the interest of proving you and the retards that hit disagree on my comment wrong.

Like I said possibly, there worse in some areas but better in others because of the much higher resolution of the Iphone 4.

Shadow Flare2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

""above ps2 level graphics [on an iPhone]"....What the hell are you smoking?"

This is what he's smoking

Any questions?

Chaostar2987d ago

Picked up the HTC WD7 with WP7...

returned it within the 7 days cooling off period.

It crashed 6-7 times and had a weird flashy windows logo problem around the edges of the screen. The app scene was pretty much barren, there's no flash support or even cut/copy/paste! It just felt unfinished.

Have ordered the HTC Desire HD (the Android equivalent), pretty disappointed as I was looking forward to having XBL on my phone. Maybe second/third gen IF there's still no sign of a PSP phone ;D

Anon19742987d ago

Stick with Android. My feeling is Windows 7 phones aren't going to be around very long. Despite this article's claim, my understanding is that Windows 7 phone sales have so far been a disappointment to Microsoft.

As for Windows 7 versus Android, there's no comparison. Windows 7 can't multitask in any way, shape or phone and that's huge when your competitors have no problem with this important feature. Also, Windows phones have NO Flash for pages that use flash. Also a huge mistake on MS's part. The web browser in Windows 7 phones is just shite all around, with no "pinch to zoom" support which, again, should be standard by this point.

Windows phones also don't take MicroSD cards like the Iphones and android so good luck upgrading the storage.

So: No Storage options, no flash, no copy and paste, no pinch zoom, no multitasking, no custom ringtones, no tethering support, no screenshots, PC connectivity software is a pain.

It's like Microsoft made this phone 5 years ago and is throwing it on the market now. I don't know anyone who has one, I don't know anyone who's getting one. At this point, just I'd just skip the Windows phone entirely. Maybe in 2-3 years Microsoft will catch up to where their competition is now, but I think it's safe to skip these phones now until they get it together.

chadwarden2987d ago

My bad... should have done more research.

MorganX2987d ago

Been trying to stay out of this since I posted the article and I'm not looking for another versus platform but come on man,

Windows Phone absolutely does have pinch/zoom in web browser and pictures.

Depending on the hardware, you can add SD. I have a focus and added 16GB SD. It is not removable however. It adds the SD to the total system memory pool. If you want to pass around music on SD cards, stay with Android for sure.

And performance, I own an iPhone4, and Android Captivate (Galaxy S). Windows Phone 7 on Samsung Focus runs circles around them both and is significantly more responsive. I'll leave it at that. If you're interested, just go try one and judge for yourself.

Lastly, Zune software absolutely rocks and should replace Windows Media Player in Windows in Windows 8.

Rush2987d ago

I wouldn't say it runs rings around them both, it's double tab zoom is certainly on level with the Iphone 4 and above the android browser.

Scrolling up and down on the Iphone 4 is already 99 percent perfect nothing needs improving it hardly ever checker-boards.

Pinch zooming on the Iphone 4 I would say is 85 percent there and only checker-boards when going to quickly. The Iphone 4 browser is certainly better then the Android counterpart.

Not having flash is abit of a killer for me though, but that's not because the Iphone ain't capable of flash it certainly is. It's just Jobs stupid stance of adobe holding it back.

I do find the tiles system on the windows 7 phone better then the Icon system on my Iphone.

But there's certainly alot of areas it needs to improve on before it can really compete with IOS 4 in my opinion. For instance when you download apps they just come up in a massive long list. You can't put them in folders or arrange them nicely.

The App store is also a joint store which is terrible, you search a term when your looking at games and it comes up with a load of music tracks as well as games making it near impossible to find what your looking for.

They need to split the App store away from the music store like the Iphone does with App's and Itunes.

MorganX2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Folders is a common item on the wish list. I'm good as all the apps I use fit on home screen, but that may change as I use more phone apps. Folders will be nice.

The Zune Marketplace and it's unified search I love. If you click on an area of the marketplace you only get those categories to browse, but you are right, the search is unified. Not only the store but your collection as well. I find this useful because you can see if you already own something, or what you own already from that artist if its music.

Though the marketplace searches everything for your keyword (s) it does categorize it with the first category being where you are in the store. See the attached photo. Searching for jewel in the app store lists the results in apps first. Searching for jewel in music lists music results first and the phone apps are at the bottom. I really dig it, but I do understand your point.

The other bummer for me is that the Netflix app v1.0 doesn't support bluetooth :/ Hopefully v1.1. Good news Bluetooth AVCRP works. Took a couple years to get that on my iPhone :)

Rush2987d ago

Ah ok I stand corrected that ain't to hard to go through, Although I haven't a Windows 7 phone myself so I can only go off what I hear.

I certainly have nothing against the platform as I am a Microsoft fan. But I still wouldn't replace my Iphone with a Win7 phone yet.

And it's not like a have any loyalty to Apple either I don't like apple much at all it's just Win7 ain't mature enough for me as a user at the moment.

And I don't really have any intention of beta testing the platform for Microsoft I did that with vista....

vhero2986d ago

Windows 7 phones will they last? Time will tell.. Zune couldn't touch Ipod.. Only Android rigth now is coming close to Apples dominance with more android phones sold than iphones right now and the market is building quicker than the iphone market. Is there a place for an MS mobile too?? 360 gamers might think so but would you really wan't these phones for a few gaming features and miss out on the huge features of iOS/Android for the pleasure? I am not sure I would.. I love my HTC desire and will only ever get rid if the PSP phone gets released.

Ju2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Android all the way. Got a GalaxyS - has the faster GPU compared to the iphone (guess the Samsung Phone7 version is the same HW). I like the openness of the system. Haven't tried Phone7, in all honesty. Full file browser part of the OS? That's just great. Gives you full access to internal (and external) SD cards. You can do what ever you want with the data. Get the Android SDK and start writing SW. That's all you need (25$ registration fee for the market place - if you want to publish SW. Otherwise everything is free. Fully integrated into Eclipse).

Only minus so far (and possibly the reason why Phone7 is faster) it's still Android v2.1. Version 2.2 will improve speed (JIT java engine) and introduce OpenGLES2.0 (full shader support - what the iOS4 already support - hence those demos you can see in the links above).

But, compared to the iOS4, it does actually multitask. I mean, done right. Have it, love it. Will take a peak into Phone7 (and its SDK. Should be fairly easy to port C++/Java/C# - well, ObjectiveC, too). So far I am impressed how well my ported C++ code runs on Android (Java). No regrets.

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Strikepackage Bravo2987d ago

Windows Phone 7 does now have copy paste, they got it in time for the US launch.

They also have pinch to zoom, and they are incredibly fast and stable.

They should have multitasking and flash support by the time the phones come to Sprint and Verizon.

Quite hating on everything Microsoft, hate is like cancer it will destroy you on the inside.

MorganX2987d ago

It does have pinch zoom but does not have copy/paste. It is scheduled for early 2011, for those who need it.

hikayu2987d ago

copynpaste is not yet available , nor multitasking . but those features are a confirmed for a 2011 release .\
winpho 7 lacks a lot of feature and lags far behind competition in term of apps and game . but if microsoft play their cards right , they can very well take back the market and even dominate . it's a long shot , but microsoft can .
for the moment , winpho 7 shows more potential and promises than capability . but xbl and mobile office are very nice addition and the polish-ness winpho7 has shows that microsoft really determined to win this money is that google and apple wont let this piece of pie go easy .

vhero2986d ago

haha at Strikepackage Bravo lying to get a point across typical fanboy at his best PWND! Also these phones might not sell well outside US since there is no Zune etc outside US.

PimpDaddy2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

DarkRide66 cant help himself. It's bad enough he trolls 360 and Kinect articles. Now he is in here telling everyone not to get the new Windows 7 phone. What's next? Dump Windows 7 for Linux or buy Macs. Your agenda is quite sickening.

On topic: I don't know how successful this new MS phone will be especially with the market share owned my Blackberry phones, Iphones, and phones using Android. But they made a decent effort this time. They can't just roll over and not try to get a piece of that pie.

Edit: Also please stop sending me PM's. especially since you have me blocked from responding. Who does that?

JokesOnYou2987d ago

He did the same thing to me, he hates micro with a passion, you would think he would have his facts straight with links to match so many unsubstantiated claims. pffft, pm'ing folks and then blocking them, lol I guess he's just some crazy kid.

RememberThe3572987d ago

It's kind of a lame attempt to downplay what is a solid foundation MS seems to have set for itself. Sure it doesn't have all the feature it could yet but they are coming.

The platform in new, it needs time to grow.

hoops2986d ago

With the launch of Win Mobile 7, Zune went international. You might want to check your facts.

As for Darkride.
He hates anything MS. Look at his history of posts. Their comical because of all the hate.
As for Win Mobile 7? If MS supports this fully and backs it with XBL and Office Support. IOS and Android have major competition on its hands.

otherZinc2987d ago

I'm buying 2 day & date its available to Sprint Customers!

r1sh122986d ago

I have a HTC hero (G2) which is a terrible android phone.
Stupid HTC didnt support it enough. Although having seen the desire HD (not sure what its called in the USA) is very good.
I checked out a demo of the samsung windows 7 phone, and it is stupidly responsive.
Android are still catching IOS, but MS have made a very good phone.
Having got an android at the very early stages the only advice I can give, is wait a few months until the major bugs have been found by the public and then buy the phone, so you dont have to deal with the frustration of a buggy phone the same way I did with the Hero (G2).
All in all the windows phones are pretty good, but Ill wait before I buy one.

mcstorm2986d ago

I've just got the hd7 and had a desire before that and I live what MS have done with windows phone 7. Its very stable fast and looks amazing also easy to use. If you have a Xbox use Facebook msn emails and office I would say go for windows phone 7. I liked android but it was too much like the iPhone having to go in and out of apps for email ect. Also with options like skydrive when you take a pic it will store it on there rather than your phone and saves you space and they can be accessed through your phones pictures or on a pc. It is missing a few thing like copy and past but MS have said this will be added in Jan next year. But MS have got everything right with windows 7 far better than windows mobile 6.5

likedamaster2985d ago

You won't find unbiased advice here, look elsewhere.

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awiseman2987d ago

They r probably more smartphone lovurs than gamers buying it right now. And they certainly havent won over the fanatic Iphone crowd...

Armyntt2987d ago

I doubt its the "gamers" flocking to the device. Sure there may be some but it would be safe to assume they are the minority. The majority is just a smartphone buyer wanting the newest phone. Plus i was waiting for this thread to get bombarded with $ont fanboys saying M$ is overstating numbers.

RememberThe3572987d ago

Overstating numbers? No one has you will say that.

MS has been saying that the lower sales are due to supply problems.

Initial numbers are 40000 shipped. No one is overstating the numbers.

Silentmerc3nary2987d ago

I want one, but the thing is, you see, I bought an iPhone like 2 days before Microsoft announced the Windows 7 Phone.....

trevonn952987d ago

its browser is internet explorer why would buy a phone with that anti human piece of shovelware btw no other is touching that platform garrenteed the avrg user the days is so DUMMMMMB!

SmokexFFx2987d ago

I got mine, there is nothing better then getting achievements in boring English I tell you.

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