Rumor: Del Toro game will be trilogy, contain RPG-elements

TVGB: "Some more buzz about the THQ-helmed game being developed by film director Guillermo del Toro – a source has confirmed to MMOMFG that it’s not just one game, it’s three, and they will have RPG elements. In fact, the game will contain elements “along the lines of Mass Effect“, it’s said, which could imply branching dialogue options, morality, leveling, etc."

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sinncross2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

After some of the recent commercial failures (Enslaved/ Castlevania/ Rock Band 3) it may not be wise to look long term for a trilogy, but rather getting the first game to be a success.

Nevertheless, it sounds promising.

Quagmire2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Those games you mentioned might not have sold as much, but they're quality titles, and TBH, i'd rather have a quality title which doesnt sell as much and most likely unable to sustain a franchise, than a crap game which sells like pancakes, and then having several rehashes every week.

CombineElite2987d ago

Announcing a Trilogy? This equals instant Doom.

I remember the last game that was announced as a trilogy, Advent Rising and that didn't work out so great. Just stick to the first game and make it very good.

n to the b2987d ago

Mass Effect was announced as a trilogy and is a commercial success.

DigitalRaptor2987d ago

Sounds very promising. But they should concentrate on the first game rather than a trilogy!