Ninety-Nine Nights Battles its Way to North American Retailers

The war has begun. Microsoft today invites gamers to take to the battlefield in the Xbox 360 exclusive "Ninety-Nine Nights," available now at retailers across North America.

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Landa5379d ago (Edited 5379d ago )

I Downloaded this yesterday, it´s like dinasty warriors with prettier graphics

Zipperdog5379d ago

mash mash mash. no story or replay value here

xXbebofisherXx5379d ago

but no cigar on that one. this game doesnt come out till tomorrow. it ships out from online retailers today. not to sound mean or anything but you should know that if your a reporter. everyone knows that online retailers get it a day ahead because they have to do shipping.

also this game is a hack and slash. much better than DW SW and KUF combined. thousands upon thousands of enemies to kill. you have to like the all out action of the game rather than having a story. story and hack and slash dont mix very well. look at DW barley any story there either. this game is based on fast paced action that overwhelms your scream with ppl to kill. its a mindless hack and slash so when you get tired of GRAW or some other action game that makes you think to much. thats all its about. dont treat this game like a RPG or some hardcore stratagy becuase it isnt. its a brainless hack and slash to have fun with. and i personally had more fun with this game than most FPS's i have ever played. great game for ppl who enjoy hack and slash games. and good for ppl who want to get into the genre off right. give the game a chance. if you dont like hack and slash then move on to something else. thats all to it.

kewlkat0075379d ago

Another...Hack and Slach game which I always got bored of but for some people this might not be thier cup of tea. I really can't rate this game as if I'm all about the genre. Somebody that loves these types of games, I would expect to have a better opinion.(comparing to the others in the same genre.)