WorthPlaying: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 Review

WorthPlaying: "Most wrestling fans will tell you that when the WWE transitioned out of the "Attitude" era and into the current "Universe" model, things started severely spiraling downward. As high-profile Superstars retired or went to other promotions and the company got complacent with its solid hegemony over sports entertainment, the quality of the program started going downhill, and now the WWE is a shell of what it once was in terms of pop culture relevance. The same can be said for THQ's WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw gaming franchise, as the series continues to struggle to find its stride even after being the only game on the market for a decade. While SvR 11 gets a few things right, it still falls flat in the end, leaving a subpar product about which it's difficult to get excited."

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