Call of Duty: Black Ops - 8 funny glitches and kills

GamesRadar: "So how are you finding Black Ops' multiplayer? We're finding it pretty damn funny, personally. The reason? The Call of Duty tradition of combining hilarious kills and mess-ups with the ever-wonderful killcam is already churning out comedy gold. And the lack of beta test this time around has already thrown out a couple of glitches, one of which being a gravity exploit of a mind-blowingly egregious nature."

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NRG2989d ago

Not exactly news, but I did get some good laughs.

Redrum0592989d ago

the guy diving into the car, causing it to explode.
looks like something from an action movie in the 80s

irepbtown2988d ago

That one and the one when the guy dives onto the claymore. - Quality.

AllroundGamer2989d ago

lol :D but it would be even more funnier if there were some enemies around that car :)

RyuDrinksTheDew2989d ago

[email protected] when the dude dives right into the claymore.

irepbtown2988d ago

That russian owned the 6 people.
And the person with 1 Bullet 4 Kills.

I dont even use snipers :l