Call of Duty: Black Ops – Trophy Guide (and Achievements)

PlayStation LifeStyle has compiled a trophy guide to help you unlock the game’s 51 trophies. 36 of which are bronze, 13 silver, one gold and a platinum.

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doctorstrange2985d ago

I must have about 1/2 the trophies atm, this'll definitely help me get the ones missing

King-Leonidas2985d ago

lol i have like 10 hours into the game and no trophies (multiplayer)

deafwing2985d ago

buy this game for mp anyways ... perhaps it should just be a MP game with new maps, weapons, and updates?

ftwrthtx2985d ago

is harder this time around. MW2 was just a matter of waiting for the bad guys to come at you. In Black Ops, there are places where the bad guys keep spawning until you reach a certain spot.

Khe Sanh is ridiculously hard, even though I did manage to fight through it.

doctorstrange2985d ago

When playing it, I made the mistake of not realizing it was wave based, so I spent ages just killing hundreds of em, haha

HammockGames2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

How would you say it compares to [email protected] on veteran?

Is the challenge still based on grenade spamming BS (cough *** cheap as hell *** cough)?

Just curious. Thanks

(I haven't played it yet => working my way through another couple games first)

Lifewish2985d ago

Very good guide though I guess I should get the game before I check out trophy guides :)

user94220772985d ago

Veteran difficulty is amazingly frustrating.

mikepmcc2985d ago

Yeah, I just beat it last night...but it's also amazingly satisfying. Minus all the cursing at the TV.

doctorstrange2985d ago

Yeah, I hope its difficult, I wanna get some more time out of the singleplayer

StarScream4Ever2985d ago

Its possible the Veterans trophies are glitch. Sometimes completing the required missions for a trophy does not unlocked it. I don't know what is the problem behind it but I really do hope that Treyarch look in to it. Its frustrating to play Executive Order and SOG over and over again.

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