Video: Wayne Rooney picks his fantasy XI & shuns his Manchester United team-mates

Wayne Rooney has left himself open to criticism by revealing his ultimate fantasy XI to EA Sports in which the Manchester United forward shunned almost all of his club team-mates.

For anyone with a memory like a colander, Rooney recently found himself in the firing line at Old Trafford after the centre-forward stalled on signing a new contract after making public his belief that the quality of the current Manchester United squad is below par.

Panzerkanzler4990d ago

I'm amazed as to why anyone would be offended about what characters someone chooses in a videogame. Top league footballers DO live in a little bubble of surreal silliness it seems.

ultramoot4990d ago

Why are people offended by his dream team just because he didn't pick his team-mates? Obviously, his dream-team means his actual "dream-team", not a PR-team for his club.


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jizzyjones4910d ago

Bet they still haven't fixed the micro-pausing

Yi-Long4910d ago

... WC2010 was brilliant, gameplay-wise. It felt fair, responsive, and there were many differentw ays to score (wing-play, through the middle, shots from distance, lobs, combinations, etc etc...)

FIFA11 turned into a midfield tackle-battle, constantly annoying and frustrating, with horrible AI at times, no way to score long-distance screamers anymore, etc etc.

It's still a good game, but I felt it was a step backwards from the gameplay and AI that WC2010 offered.

Hanif-8764909d ago

Are you kidding me? Fifa 11 is the best one yet!

Hanif-8764909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

Fifa 11 has a more simulation feel to it, which in fact makes Fifa World Cup 2010 feels like an arcade mess! And i've gotten alot of screamers in it too but just like in real life they don't score all the time now do they?

Yi-Long4909d ago

I played WC on the highest difficulty level against the CPU all the time, and matches were realistic, varied, and fun. They were challenging, but every game was it's own game and it didn't get boring.

I played FIFA11 on the highest difficulty setting, and it just became a mess on the midfield, you could pretty much never get a player in a decent position to get a shot at goal from distance, and even if you do get into that position, the shot will be shite 9 times out of 10 (which isn't realistic, but is an artificial way of introducing extra difficulty into the game where none is needed...)

I thought WC2010 was as good, if not better, as PES5... but for me, sadly, FIFA11 had some horrible AI, matches became too predictable, there's not much variation in scoring (over the top 1-2, or with a cross), etc etc.

I don't mind challenging games. I do mind frustrating ones.