Video: Wayne Rooney picks his fantasy XI & shuns his Manchester United team-mates

Wayne Rooney has left himself open to criticism by revealing his ultimate fantasy XI to EA Sports in which the Manchester United forward shunned almost all of his club team-mates.

For anyone with a memory like a colander, Rooney recently found himself in the firing line at Old Trafford after the centre-forward stalled on signing a new contract after making public his belief that the quality of the current Manchester United squad is below par.

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Panzerkanzler3993d ago

I'm amazed as to why anyone would be offended about what characters someone chooses in a videogame. Top league footballers DO live in a little bubble of surreal silliness it seems.

ultramoot3993d ago

Why are people offended by his dream team just because he didn't pick his team-mates? Obviously, his dream-team means his actual "dream-team", not a PR-team for his club.