Killzone 3 removes the 'lag' but keeps the 'weight'

"Much has been made of Killzone 3's controls and the removal of the notorious lag. Many gamers, myself included, were worried that the heavy, weighty feeling of the game were in danger by the removal of what some call "lag", but senior producer Steven Ter Heide says that we've got it wrong -- the lag and the weight are two separate issues, and while the former is eradicated, the latter remains."

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49erguy3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

I hope everyone who bitches about the controls reads the last sentence of the article.

blitz06233755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Notorious lag in kz2? I thought it was fine, but if they got rid of it anyway then it's even better.

Edit: nvm I thought it was kz2, apparently it's kz3. Guess it's about the beta

FlatulentGhost3755d ago

"Notorious lag in kz2?"

It was the final bit of lies the Xbox fans in the press were able to come up to try to smear the game.

They first tried to smear the game by editing Jack Tretton talking about Resistance over the original Killzone 2 E3 trailer so they could claim "Sony lies about Killzone 2!"

Then Sony showed off realtime Killzone 2 footage that surpassed the claimed 'impossible CGI level graphics"

So the smears switched to trying to claim that if the graphics are that amazing the actual games 'obviously' sucks. Then GG showed off amazing and unprecedented AI in the single player game.

So the smears switched to well then the online play must suck. And then the online beta started and people in were saying it was the best or one of the best fps games they ever played online.

Finally the Xbox fans in the press came up with the lies about the controls. It was something very easy to lie about since you can't just post a screenshot or something to easily refute the lie.

So after months of gamers raving about the online beta suddenly out of the blue its only some Xbox fans in the gaming press who find this supposed glaring 'lag'.

What a pathetic joke.

Red_Orange_Juice3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

the "weight" is like a Killzone's trademark, the fans love it

The-Tentacle3755d ago

Well said.

Luckily the Xbox fans have been so pre-occupied defending Kinect that they forgot to start a smear campaign for KZ3.

People might give this one a fair chance now, which is great as it's easily gonna be one of the best shooters in 2011.

BARF3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

are you fucking kidding me???? xbox fans made this up??? yeah right. what a pathetic attempt to pass blame. xbox fans werent the ones not playing kz2 it was ps3 users. the fact that this moron above me agrees with you just shows how stupid you fanboys are.

i played kz2 from the start. kz2 had control lag for the first couple of weeks it was out. it was later patched. GG even admitted to it. if you choose to deny and ignore it, you are an idiot or a fanboy (most likely both).

@idiot below me
give the spin a rest. go check on youtube and you will see it. better yet ill give you a damn video
the lag in the vid was later patched out. why would they patch it if nothing was wrong?
keep on trying to spin and blame 360 fanboys, but it wont work. i know arguing with a fanboy of your level wont work. the devs admitted it, but you wont. kinda pathetic, dont you think?

FlatulentGhost3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

BARF, give the lies a rest.

I was in the beta, played every night, read every Killzone forum.

Not a single mention of this lie about 'lag'. Ever.

It wasn't until after the game was released and some pathetic Xbox fanboy reviewer started the lie and all the Xbox fanboys and Call of Duty retards used to their kiddie/arcade fps games starting joining in because they got their asses handed to them by serious when they played Killzone 2 players.

BARF3755d ago

this one even shows jumping lag

i can keep finding them for you, but im bored with this.

nickjkl3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

barf that video was released on February 6th 2009 one day after the demo released on February 5th 2009

killzone 2 wasn't released till
February 25, 2009 in Europe
February 26, 2009 in Australia
February 27, 2009 in the UK and US

also you can not find a single video on youtube showing input lag in the final release of killzone 2 their all from the demo that came out on the 5th

this is what i got from my research by the way unless you can disprove this by finding something thats from the final release of killzone 2 that doesnt have to do with the analog stick since that was fixed with the implementation of the high precission option in the main menu

kraze073755d ago

I have to agree with BARF. I've been a KZ fan since day one back on the PS2 and I'm pretty sure most of the complaining was coming from some of my fellow KZ fans.

stevenhiggster3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Sorry but I'm a big fan of KZ2 and a current KZ3 beta participant and I'm afraid I agree with Barf. At the end of the day, GG wouldn't have patched it if there wasn't a problem!
The good thing is though, I can confirm the controls in KZ3 are pretty damn perfect in my opinion, still weighty but no lag whatsoever.

Oner3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Digital Foundry shows the clearly evident input lag ~

GG Dev themselves about it a while back ~

And in THIS SPECIFIC ARTICLE we are all reading has Guerilla Games ADMITING Killzone 2 had input lag

by senior producer Steven Ter Heide ~

" "There still is some confusion about the ‘weighty’ feel and lag. Those two things are different. We removed the lag completely. This means that when you press a button or move a stick, things happen. This is instantaneous, as it should be.

***This was a problem with Killzone 2 that we in part remedied with a patch.***"

End Quote

Seriously what more f'ing proof do you need? The FACT is Killzone 2 had input lag. But people had mistaken that "lag" as weight, when they were 2 VERY different & separate things.

Anyone who is still stuck on saying it was all "Xbox fans" is 100% dead wrong and misinformed. Check my comment history for proof that I am not an "Xbox Fan", and I have been saying KZ2 had this problem since day 1 (and I can actually prove it via links here on N4G & the PS3 forums).

This issue was not about saying KZ2 sucked or whatever. It was to help IMPROVE the game to it's utmost ability in addition to all that it offered over it's competition. In order for a game to be the best & competitive it has to be accurate. ANY true gamer will agree.

Edit: The only additional thing GG could do to make this game hit the masses is allow custom button mapping. Other than that I am ready for KZ3 with my PS Move.

120FPS3755d ago

Wow the cry babies are out in force today

FlatulentGhost3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

God I love it!

GG made fools of all the idiots like Oner babbling about 'teh lag' and they still don't know it! Hilarious!

After all the Xbox fanboys and Call of Duty retards who can't hit anything without massive amounts of auto-aim their kiddie fps have started crying their eyes out about 'teh controls' because they were getting destroyed by hardcore Killzone 2 players, they released a fake patch that did nothing to the controls.

All the idiots complaining suddenly started babbling about how it 'fixed' 'teh lag', no wait it fixed 'teh deadzone', no wait it fixed the input motion curve, and every other idiotic thing their lameass minds invented for sucking so hard in a hardcore fps.

Yeah retards, keep crying about 'teh lag'. Keep making fools of your sad little selves.

LOL! Oner keeps making a bigger and bigger fool of himself! This is fun to watch!

Oner3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

You really are an idiot. Probably the worst ever here on N4G...and that is saying a whole lot because there are MANY on here.

The proof is right there in their own words along with a visually verifiable reference from a strong valid source. Yet I am "the fool"? I really don't have much more to say other than this ~

Factually Verifiable Proof over biased & misinformed opinion wins every time. No matter what you say/think/believe to make yourself feel better...Grow Up.


Dee_913755d ago

lol the weight makes it so that you cant run around the entire map with akimbo shotguns shooting everybody

ico923755d ago

Im pro ps3 and all but theres no denying that the lag or weighty feel to KZ2 faced mixed reception, some reviewers even deducted points of KZ2 in reviews because of the Lag.

Perjoss3755d ago

The fact they say that lag is removed is them practically admitting there were problems with KZ2 controls. I dont care which effect they are going for, they can call it 'weight' or whatever they like, lag is something that is NOT welcome in video game control methods.

Playstation enthisiasts will insist that KZ2 controls were perfect even though they had lag which I find hilarious.

Immortal3213755d ago


and what shoots like killzone

and what looks like killzone

and the band keeps playing on.

Space_cancer3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

36 agrees and counting.

Pretty much sums up the state of this site.

At this rate N4G will win the comedy site of the year -award very soon.

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radphil3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

If people never complained, there wouldn't be improvements.

Though I have to agree that after playing the beta, they found the middle man in comparison to KZ2. Hated how in the 2nd one a simple pistol felt like 2 tons. The actual issue being was that they made every single weapon overweighted, and didn't balance that per gun.

This is the main problem though is that people complained about was the 'weight' system, which in some areas was legit.

Terror_B3755d ago

So even a senior producer on KZ2 acknowledges that there was lag in the controls??? Mmmmm. What do you PS3 lames have to say about this now, i thought the whole lag thing was made up by xbox fans? You guys are truly the worst fans in the history of gaming, you're such liars its pathetic.

Please, could an intelligent PS3 and KZ2 owner now acknowledge that THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH THE CONTROLS!!

radphil3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

"Please, could an intelligent PS3 and KZ2 owner now acknowledge that THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH THE CONTROLS!!"

There was an issue, but it was people making a huge mountain out of a mole-hill.

They acted as if it was gamebreaking, in which it's not. It's an annoyance, yes, but not gamebreaking.

But please, don't start with the instigating.

3755d ago
Perjoss3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

I am not a fanboy, admittedly I use my 360 more than my ps3 but Uncharted 2 was still my GOTY for 09, and I think K2 controls were terrible, didnt even finish it. And thats even after the so called improved controls after that patch.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

This are very old news.

Besides, people complaining about the controllers, are people without Skills and lazy to practice to master the controllers.

BrianB3755d ago

if theres nothing wrong with KZ2's controls then why is it MW2 outsold KZ2 on the PS3 in a week despite the fact that KZ2 was released 9 months prior ?

face it you guys are hypocrites and you have the nerve, to call the lag a lie spun by 360 fanboys ? despite the fact that Guerilla Games admitted to putting lag in the game before and after its release ? they even released a patch, thats there way of saying "sorry we realised KZ2 has crappy controls hopefully this will fix it."

you guys are dellusional and you wonder why everyone calls you the worst fanboys

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Mr Tretton3756d ago

I think they've found the best middle ground they could, in the beta.

raztad3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

agree. There is some people b!tching tho. Hope GG stick to their vision.

MarkyMarky3756d ago

This is what fallout new vegas should have looked like...

Jack-Pyro3755d ago

Wow.....uh.....what a retarded comment....

Genecalypse3755d ago

I understand the lag part but what is the "weight" hes refering

RedDead3755d ago

I thought the weight was the lag...

Graey3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

the weight is more so the feel of the game...kinda relative to how they move...heavy armor slower moving type thing. I again would assume this is in relation to the guns as well.

Lag is more so when you press a button how long it takes to register on screen.

Some people didn't like the weight and confused that(i think) with the lag.

I played KZ2 single/multi. Personally I couldn't tell but then again I wasn't looking. I get my ass handed to me regardless of what FPS I'm I just get all excited when I finally kill someone. I'm like 400/5 or however that works. I'm not all into the rankings and shit I just love shooting stuff. I'm what you would call a pawn or something. Though I can get serious with it, I just prefer to only do that when I can actually tweak the game to my specs.

I.e. for instance If I could make my own game rules. Hot Potato with pistols anyone...The potatoe is the bomb...10-20sec countdown...more so depending. You get a pistol so much ammo, and a knife. Say 5 lives or so.

shovelface883755d ago

I loved Killzone 2, played the hell out of it online, but if you honestly think that KZ2's controls weren't noticably slower and less responsive than most shooters, you must have been playing a different game. Even the developers are saying they want to "get rid of the lag".

Did it keep me from playing? No. Would I rather it be more responsive? Yeah, sure I would. It seems the developers are aiming to do that, I'm glad. :)

Hideo_Kojima3755d ago

My pistol will have less weight than my rocket launcher than?

Meaning the pistol would accelerate faster when I turn it than my rocket launcher?

felix883755d ago

The realism argument is pathetic.

XXXCouture3755d ago

well.. its more realism than other shooters

rezzah3755d ago

Would you consider twitching around in a war realism?

I would....if you had shell shock. >.>

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