COD Black Ops running on a massive 7680x1600 resolution

GR - Youtube user, Maxishine, shows Call of Duty Black ops running on a GTX580 in massive 7680x1600 Tri SLI on 3 x 30inch LCD screens. Please watch in 1080p HD!

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Letros2986d ago


Though If I were dropping that kinda cash on a rig like that, I'd have it hooked up to 3 3D projectors.

Nice video nonetheless.

JsonHenry2986d ago

Even on PC this game has much less than on par with current PC GFX thanks to consoles. But, if I were a dev I would be pushing the money making platforms too, so I guess I understand not wanting to put much extra effort into making it look top notch on one platform over the other.

King-Leonidas2986d ago

cant watch it cos ads are in the way :\

awiseman2986d ago

imagine mulitplayer on that, you could practicaly see behind your head!

You Noob2986d ago

You don't see more than what you see on a single 22".

GrilledCheeseBook2986d ago

just look at the monitors
if all you saw was the same as just one 22" than it would look terribly stretched

Xfanboy2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )


halocursed2986d ago

That's absolutely fantastic!

raztad2986d ago

Dunno about this.

The resolution is amazing and the such wide view is very immersive. However it is easy to see this is a console game ported to PC. The textures are not very good neither the character models.

The framerate looks unstable also. Is the game running at 30fps? It looked like stuttering or was it just my video?

Pandamobile2986d ago

Well, Youtube doesn't support videos higher than 30 FPS, so you wouldn't be able to tell from the video.

plb2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Black Ops is always dropping frames and least in the PS3 version. Not sure about the 360/PC ones. I'm hoping Treyarch can put out a fix soon for that.

RedDead2986d ago

360 version stutters the odd time aswell, not enough for me to mind but it's usually when you're looking at Napalm flames.

BlmThug2986d ago

This Guy Has A Lot Of Money To Waste

imvix2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

You dont need 580 in tri sli to do this. A single GTX480 or 5870 (2gb version) will be enough.

While 30inch monitors will cost a bunch, you could use 24inch monitors, 3 of those will actually end up costing less then a HDTV and provide superior resolution.

I currently have 5870(2gig version) in CF, runs games with source engine great on 3 screens, Even a single GPU is active the rig is still pushing 60-80fps @ 5760*1080p this engine should perform about the same.

Edit: Widescreen fix is out for eyefinity gonna try this soon. Will post single GPU FPS.

ct032986d ago

In the case of an Nvidia system you do need SLI because they don't have cards with three monitor connections.

imvix2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Yep will you could get 460GTX in SLI that will be awesome and cost effective.

Anyways an update i applied the widescreen fix. Black ops is running at 60-70fps on my setup @5760*1080p everything maxed out 2x AA.

Edit: getting between 40-55fps on single GPU, i guess ATI needs to fix crossfire scaling on this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.