Is Black Ops as you expected?

Black Ops Zone is asking: "Is Black Ops what you expected?"; in order to find other opinions, beside the expressed by the BOZ editor which is not so happy of the new Call of Duty title.

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RememberThe3572993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I was mostly disappointed. I didn't do much with the online though, I just lost interest.

Shackdaddy8362993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Ya, I know what you mean. I just played my little brother's BO game while I am visiting for the weekend and, I have to say, the multiplayer is pretty fun for about 4-5 hours but then it just gets super boring.

Especially when you unlock the famas since that is like the best weapon in the game and there is no need to try to get anything else.

BulletToothtony2992d ago

i was hoping for it to feel fluid..

but sadly it feels sluggish and most of the times my shots don't register.. how can i enjoy something that was suppose to surpass mw2..

it not only fell short of mw2 but cod4 still king.. excellent maps and fast pace..

i don't understand how they think that adding boxes everywhere and dozens of windows would help the gameplay.. they may have taken away the killstreat lead to more killstreaks trying to stop camping but those maps are made for campers.. so overall i don't think this game is gonna last me more than a month

Brewski0072992d ago

It feels like its not as responsive and quick as modern warfare 2 was online.
I do feel like this game itself is a good title, but they're trying to do too much in Online rather than keep it more simple.
The story in single player left alot to be deisired and I thought the plot twists were very predictable.
That being said, I still enjoy the game.
So yeah, i'd call it a mediocre title also.

Kon_Artist 2993d ago

i really didnt like world at war mp. other then zombies. they really did well on this one i like it

BattleAxe2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

WaW was Treyarchs best game, this one I'm starting to warm up to, but it feels like the series has taken a step back as opposed to making any kind of improvement.

FragMnTagM2992d ago

I hate MW2, loved COD4, and thought WaW was mediocre. I friggin love this game. I don't camp at all and average anywhere from 10-30 kills per game. I just run and gun with my AK74u and go to town.

Say what you guys will, but Treyarch stepped it up quite a bit this time around. I still don't like Zombies too much, but I am warming up to it.

My favorite zombie map is "five." Playing as Nixon is fun as hell. My favorite one liner is when he says: "Damn zombies taxing me like a Democrat!"


ReservoirDog3162993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

It isn't quite a war shooter though. Yeah there's the war and shooting and everything but you're really playing as someone with deep psychological problems and it is clearly visible throughout the singleplayer.

It isn't the standard bad guy vs good guy stuff that war shooters are. They took that and gave you something you didn't expect. God knows I didn't expect it to be as psychedelic as it was. And it was a few hours longer than any other CoD.

Multiplayer's multiplayer. Only this time the focus is on shooting and not ridiculously overpowered killstreaks. But I can only play multiplayer so long without my friend (hasn't got it yet). Just not into multiplayer alone.

And zombies is fun though it begs to be played with friends.

Overall it's a very solid game. Doesn't top CoD4 as the best of the series but everyone's giving it waaaay too much flak for no good reason.

Also Gary Oldman was the best character in the game.

edit: And people speaking of glitches: that's what you get for buying it day one. Glitches will get fixed soon. It's not like the core gameplay is broken. Glitches get reported and will get fixed. It hasn't even been a week yet.

-Alpha2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Well said, the game is getting too much flak and those who haven't played it feel that they can judge it by the overblown controversy of the glitches, lag, etc. that are common in a day one launch. The MP is a solid experience, there are a ton of features, the split-screen is so fun. Nearly all my PS3 friends are playing it.

I liked the story, it was no different than what any other shooter does in terms of gameplay but the backstory was a real nice change of pace.

The graphics are in need of a upgrade for Treyarch's engine though. I bought it for the MP and am enjoying it thoroughly along with 4-5 million other folks. Team Tactical is still some of the best fun I have online.

RedDead2992d ago

I love it, I dunno where it's getting the hatred from. It is better than 4 I think, although in some maps(Nuketown especially) the spawning is so F***ed up. Anyway, I hated Cod MW2 and only thought WAW was ok.

Campaign: Wasn't great gameplay wise, it was too linear or something, you where constantly on a straight path or something, I can't really explain properly but MW2 was better in this aspect, the story was better than recent Cod's though.

Multi: Once again finally balanced, although I hate RC's if you have your wits about you they're not bad to destroy/ I felt MW2 was all about getting your killstreaks and once you did you recieved countless free kills. This isn't the case in BO, it's more about killing with your weapon and that's what your normally focussed on.

Zombies: Loved the forshadowing from the campaign. I seriously thought at some points in the campaign I would be fighting Zombies. It's fun again and my top round is only 14(the Fuu**)

Content: Only matched by Halo and GT5 on consoles.

Graphics---It's like trey didn't bother with them, MW2 had some brillant graphics someimes, I thought " Jesus IW can do that? Wow" Graphics in this are meh thought, except the 1945 snow level, that was great for some reason.

Glitches etc-haven't run into any. Have 360 version, I heard trey messed up with this one on Dif platforms, it's a shame really.

FragMnTagM2992d ago

is that it is sometimes hard to get into a match. You get into a party with your friends, then get kicked when it goes to join a match.

Other than that I am pleasantly surprised by this game.

FragMnTagM2992d ago

The graphics in the single player aren't bad at all. But the multiplayer took a hit most likely due to the recording of every match like Halo. It's a give or take there. I think the graphics look good enough. Not horrible and not groundbreaking.

To each their own I guess.

RedDead2992d ago

Tha's what I think too, but MW2 truely had some WTF moments, I thought some parts where actually almost up there with other Graphics hoaring games this gen, Remember when it's raining and you shoot two soldier of a tank? That was very nice looking and surprising again, I thought the graphics were excellant for a Cod game, BO didn't leave me like that once though. Still BO>>>>>MW2, I still really don't like MW2

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Bull5hifT2992d ago

I was expecting WAW , type stuff, which i didnt enjoy, But this Game
is Effin Great Soooo Far, im actually going to trust treyarch next time they release one, i waited for reviews and missed out on $20 amazon preorder credit' to make sure it didnt bomb

SkylineR2992d ago

While I like my COD, I agree that Black Ops multiplayer is a let down. Yes it has things to unlock and whatever, but I find it that it's all too boring for some reason. It's not "addictive" as MW2 or MW. It's like the game has no character. :\
Things like the menus get to me too - quite bland and not intuitive at all. They're very disorientating. And like someone said - WTF is up with the odd "lag" online. I'm talking about your bullets not registering when they should when you shoot someone?
In the end I'll probably keep playing until I really get bored of it and then probably go back to MW2.
I told myself I'd never buy a COD made by Treyarch after the very disappointing COD3 (no, not WaW) and I should've listened to myself.

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rebirthofcaos2993d ago

This is my first COD and i didnt expect to be this bad, may or may not be generic but at least for my taste it is mediocre.

AKissFromDaddy2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I have Modern Warfare, World at War , Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, and Black Ops is the only COD I hate with a passion, hot-baby-making passion.

How does Treyarch, creators of World at War & successors of Modern Warfare 2, make the worst COD I've ever played?

AKissFromDaddy2992d ago

I've never played COD3, lol. Do I still need to STFU?

gamesaregood2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

@akissfromdady Totally agree, played a heap of cod 4, waw and mw2 and loved them, but I really really dislike this horrible game.

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