Top Fifteen QTE Based Games of All Time

GB: "Let's face it, we all just absolutely hate it when we're playing a game, caught up in the thrill and excitement and anticipation of the moment, enjoying the smooth flow of the gameplay, when, all of a sudden and without warning, the screen flashes at you, for all intents and purposes, 'Press X or Die!!!' "

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cyborg2895d ago

I have to agree, the list is rather well made. My fav QTE based game remains Indigo Prophecy, for its time, it was the motherfkking deal!

gameseveryday2895d ago

Glad to see Indigo prophecy on the list. One of the best quick time event based games I have played in recent years. And Shenmu 2 was amazing too. I heard there were rumors of a Shenmue 3 in development, anyone know about it?

Shubhankar2895d ago

An online Shenmue title was supposed to be in development some time ago, but it got canned. And Sega have often hinted that they want to work on Shenmue III, but it has never really materialized.

Shubhankar2895d ago

I'd place Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy a bit higher, and Dante's Inferno much, MUCH lower, but it's still a good list.

Ahasverus2895d ago

If your character can't do in gameplay what he does in QTE, you are doing it wrong.

Ahasverus2895d ago

He never does something he didn't before, QTE are used for making them in different angles but moves are in-game used too.

Hudahudahuda2895d ago

Very narrow minded and arbitrary view.

soundslike2895d ago

Say that to games in a few years that return to relying on the player to actually play the game, instead of this slump of production value show-boating. When we all get used to amazing graphics, and slowly we are, this phase will hopefully pass.

Hudahudahuda2895d ago

But the thing here is that games based on QTE are pretty rare in comparison to traditional games. So your point is meaningless. No need to get paranoid.

nickjkl2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

i think heavy rain should of been top spot

but thats just me

Matthew942895d ago

i agree

although i hate the game it did qtes well

walking was a travesty though

gillri2895d ago

well for QTE;s only I reckon Heavy Rain should be

whilst I love Heavy Rain its my 2nd favourite GOTY,
Shenmue is one my fav games ever so im glad its top

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The story is too old to be commented.