Infinity Ward still 'amazingly capable' - Kotick

Activision boss Bobby Kotick has claimed that Infinity Ward is still staffed by developers who are "amazingly capable" of making great games - whilst stating that Black Ops studio Treyarch deserves more credit for helping create IW's Modern Warfare 2.

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PS3ROCKS2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Ward doesn't ring a bell

Persistantthug2992d ago

So I don't care what Kotick has to say.

blackbeld2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Yup. Kotick is an evil dude!

Infinity Ward is still the best. MW1 & MW2 are still better then any Treyarch game. Black Ops is a big disappoint for COD gamers. Graphics looks Sh!t and it runs too slow compare too MW2.

I hope Infinity Ward and Activision stop fight eachother and make an awesome MW3.

evrfighter2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

IW lol

Pretty much went the way of RARE. Don't expect the next CoD2 or 4 coming from them this decade.

After the IWnet abomination they tried pushin on us for the pc side and Robert Bowling's bullsh*t. My wallet will stay closed as long as their names on it.

just read this gem further below
"Kotick said that Treyarch contributed a lot of ideas to IW for MW2s multiplayer."


I had no idea even people in the know bought Kotick's Bullsh*t.

Craptain_Steel2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

But they ring his bell.

vhero2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

of course they do are you basically used there MW2 engine for BO and just made new apps and jigged things about a bit.. Treyarch had such an easy job anybody could do what they did..

JLeVRT2991d ago

IW is honestly the better company. They made the CoD games that we waited for while Treyarch held us down until IW's next release, lol (I know... disagree magnet). They KINDA dropped the ball on MW2. And Kotick is lying... half the talent left when he fired the two bosses. Im probably not gonna buy their next game unless it gets RAVE reviews and isnt another MW2... I WANNA SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO SOAP

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Killzone3Helghast2992d ago

"Still amazingly capable at milking a franchise that will give me lot's and lot's of money because I have faithful sheep that buys my terrible games"

Baka-akaB2992d ago

seriously if millions were ok buying from treyarch while waiting for finally a good one from them , why wouldnt they from the dead body of IW ?

RevXM2992d ago

That pretty much sums up the fanbase that hasnt seen the entire picture after COD 4.

I dont think Mw 2 was bad, but activision killed it for sure, along with IW when they (activision) took over things.
And Treyarch hasnt made a single quality game ever and doesnt seem interested in doing so either.

Look at BO, It is a disaster. Bad performance, lag, glitches, bugs and dated visuals. Doesnt help if they have a descent story or new mechanics if the game runs worse than games in pre alpha stage.

ad4mb2992d ago

When the games fixed (which im sure it will be), it will be a great game and lots of people will be enjoying it no matter how much you people dont like it. Get over it.

aviator1892992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I'm just wondering what Respawn Studios are up to over at EA.
After all, zampella and west did head the original modern warfare.

Edit- I think it's either Respawn Studios or Respawn Entertainment. I'm not sure which one. I've read articles that give both names so I'm not entirely sure.

HaloManiac2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

These guys? http://www.respawnstudios.c...

You mean Respawn Entertainment ;)

aviator1892992d ago

Lol, yeah. Sorry, I just got mixed up there.

morganfell2992d ago

Zampella and West did head up the original Modern Warfare but more important they were part of 2015 that developed Medal Of Honor Allied Assault.

Cajun Chicken2992d ago

Yeah, Respawn are gonna deliver the goods. Ironic they've settled under EA again.

Just hope they just don't focus on MP though, IW were great at creating a cinematic, shocking but Hollywood experience. It'd be a shame for them to stop that.

Karum2992d ago

Allied assault was awesome. I still have the War Chest Edition (game + all expansions) up on my shelf sitting beside the original Call of Duty for PC.

Sarcasm2992d ago

You know, maybe without the heads that ran Infinity Ward before, they might actually have a shot of making something different.

Then again, this is probably just Kotick trying to massage the stockholders.

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