Rumour: Final Fantasy Agito XIII heading to Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Universe writes:

It would seem that Final Fantasy Agito XIII is to make its way onto Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS handheld, if an updated listing on Square Enix’s Japanese site is to be trusted.


It would seem that the image in question has been deemed to be a fake, apologies - Nintendo Universe strives to present accurate facts and have adjusted as such on our website.

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Seedhouse2986d ago

I'd certainly like to see it release on 3DS. Would make sense anyway.

gaffyh2986d ago

Possibly but probably after a few months. Anyway, Alex, what happened to thelostgamer? I thought you guys were doing pretty well.

Seedhouse2986d ago

I moved on to write for a different website, and now decided to start my own...! :)

sinncross2986d ago

Then SE release your DS games on the PSP.

ingiomar2986d ago


Versus XIII on 360 FTW!!

NYC_Gamer2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

i have strong feeling that ff13vs will hit the 360

at least tell why u disagree?

[email protected]
why do you doubt?after all the things S.E has done this gen...remember FF13 will remain exclusive to ps3 in japan

Capt-FuzzyPants2986d ago

Because I do not think it will hit the 360. I thought that was obvious when i hit disagree

Eamon2985d ago

LMAO at Capt-FuzzyPants

Ahasverus2986d ago

lol too fanboys for the world's good ;)

MaN_uTd2986d ago

That would be a great boost to the console.

Kalowest2986d ago

The 3DS is a monster, hope this is true.

DragonKnight2986d ago

With Wada at SE's helm, there should be no such thing as Rumors when reporting on SE news. Because if it's rumored to be headed to the 3DS, you can pretty much bet real money it will be. Wada lies all the time, the word exclusive is a selective term in his dictionary. Something is only truly exclusive if a console developer pays for it when SE is involved. Otherwise never believe a word that comes out of SE.

I won't be surprised when Versus XIII comes out for the 360 in every region, including Japan. I hope it doesn't, because console parity sucks ass for the vision of games, but I won't be surprised when it does.

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The story is too old to be commented.