Kotick discusses Call Of Duty subscription revenues

Activision boss Bobby Kotick is transfixed on grabbing more cash from Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold subscription revenues - because he claims Call Of Duty is a major reason people sign up to the service.

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Yi-Long2993d ago

... you're greedy enough as it is already.

You want to milk more money out of your games and online gaming!? Then release your own exclusive console and keep your games exclusive to that system.

Dumbass tumor.

scar202993d ago

Yea definitely agree if he starts charging theres always better games..and 360 players would have to pay even more on top of thier live subscription which would suck big time for them.

evrfighter2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

"-"We have an obligation to provide a return for our shareholders," he said, in what Joystiq describes as 'playing the dependable role of businessman'.

"At the same time, I think we've probably done more to try and create innovative ways for people to pay for their games."

Activision will struggle to put in place such a subscription service on Xbox Live, which has been described as a "walled garden" by many industry execs, due to its 'closed' nature to third-party revenue generation.-"

I get the feeling Activision played a hand in M$ jacking up the price for XBL. This is probably the reason the rumors of a pay to play CoD died out. Kotick has lots of leverage over M$ when it comes to XBL. Threatening to make cod sub based would kill XBL numbers both in disgusted gamers and people switching over to ps3 (prolly one reason he wants to see more ps3's sold by calling out Sony to drop prices)

This is why you'll see people say he's a genius. That's because he is. I hate the prick but he's a shareholder's wet dream.

Uncle Bobby K saw the blackops sales and now wants moar.

dangert122993d ago

Is Microsoft turn round and dissmiss them and say we allowed you to become as big as you are today! but not no more as we will not allow activision software on our hardware(can they do that) activision have lost it thats not even cheeky is fucking rude of them i would also like to see sony drop activision as kotick threated with the to remove support if they did't lower the price

Chris3992993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )


They'd bundle it up with Live for an extra $30 and call it a "value pack". I'm not trolling, but they basically did the same thing with Monster Hunter in Japan. That and consumers have painted themselves into a corner this gen by allowing this sort of corporate bullying to flourish in the first place.

Back to Castlevania now! Phenomenal game btw. A really well done multi-plat.

P.S. All of you who just bought Black Ops contributed to this, and future, consumer abuse. Only power we have is with our $$$. At least I feel sound that if you look at my Trophy or Achievement list, you won't see one Activision game on them (well I did pick up WOW a bit ago to try out the 4.0 patch, but just cancelled my sub after a month of "more of the same").

Active Reload2993d ago

I bet most people didn't even read the interview, lol.

Ducky2993d ago

You can expect most of the comments to be just reactions from reading the headline.

Elvfam5112993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

MS better not allow this...

I did read the interview... He hasnt done nothing for the gamer that buys cod games and it wont be going to none of them...

JLeVRT2993d ago

Kotick is startin to piss me off. Greefy fat butt faced nut licking fuck. (i had to say that! xD)

Darrius Cole2993d ago

It doesn't make good sense to pay either one of the two for the right to play a game that you bought, on hardware that you bought, using an internet connection that you bought.

However, if you have no choice but to pay one of them, it makes more sense to pay Activision for playing COD online than it does to pay Microsoft for playing COD online. Microsoft doesn't provide servers and at least Activision does the patches.

JsonHenry2993d ago

It would be suicide for the franchise as it currently is presented to us for Activision to charge a monthly (or even a one time) fee to play online.

TheGameFoxJTV2990d ago

Say what you will but you know damn well people will go along with it. Same as how people were saying they'd never pay for XBL if the price went up. Well, guess what. They still do.

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NYC_Gamer2993d ago

this would be hard on 360 owners since they already pay for xbl

Thepro3182992d ago

i disagree most of cod fan only play and buy cod games so they have more then enough money to pay of cod online fee

PR_FROM_OHIO2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

LMAO!!! No thanks bobby I'll be playing KILLZONE 3,SOCOM 4,and RESISTANCE 3 for free!!!!!!!!!!

ThatIrishGamer2993d ago


Canidae2993d ago

What did you think this whole CoD subscription talk was about?

user13372993d ago

Halo is the major reason.....

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