Assassin’s Creed II vs AC: Brotherhood HD screenshots comparison

Gamersmint: This week’s edition of our HD screenshot duel features one of the most popular action-adventure franchises of this gen.

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psb2988d ago

both the games look the same to me. O_o

cyborg2988d ago

it's hardly been a year since AC: II was out so you can't really blame them, but I do think Brotherhood looks a tad better. The main draw for this one will be the multiplayer since Ubisoft had confired that they have been working on that aspect of the game before AC II was even out, meaning that they had ample time to develop that. I am also expecting a good sp campaign, AC won't dissapoint there, you can rest assure about that

ArcFatalix2988d ago

will be better than ac2 easily

toaster2988d ago

5 of the 12 are 720p, they all look jaggy as hell, both games look ugly as sin.

prongs1232988d ago

nice to meet you

on topic, both look same, ACB is only marginally better

Thecraft19892987d ago

So Now troll is someone that tells the truth lol

ElDorado2988d ago

The game is going to be awesome anyway.

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