Bored on a Saturday Afternoon? Play Kinect Naked

Yes, the rather unambiguous headline of this piece leaves little to the imagination, but so too does the latest videogame project from Nuts magazine. In addition to the promotional activity for the forthcoming launch of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood that Electronic Theatre reported on earlier this week, I’d like to put you in the direction of a rather titillating new feature. One that’s most certainly for adult eyes only.

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knifefight2949d ago

Will do, though I do't think anyone wants to see me...

Matthew942949d ago

id rather play starcraft 2 with a mouse

Hideo_Kojima2948d ago

I am playing naked now but my avatar has 3 legs :S

RedDragan2948d ago

Nuts is for kids who can't buy full on porn.

Sev2948d ago

Who the hell buys porn?

Wizziokid2949d ago

Kinect's best sell point yet!

danelectro2949d ago

If those girls come with it, then definitley value for money!!!

Lightsaber2949d ago

And I use to think people looked silly playing kinect.

I'm goin to go watch that video again lol

Gambit072949d ago

Saggy soccer moms?


gillri2948d ago

lol if you've ever reas a Nuts magazine, they certinaly wont be saagy and wont be old either

Moonboots2948d ago

You obviously didn't watch the video. Those 2 girls were anything but saggy soccer moms.

hikayu2948d ago

i believe bouncy is the better adjective
but too bouncy to be real , they felt too light . likely silicon :[

RandomDude6552949d ago

I've seen what happens when they try to show an avatar's shoe....don't think I want that to happen to my junk

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The story is too old to be commented.