NVIDIA GTX 580 OC vs Radeon 6870 OC CrossFire vs Radeon 5970

Hardware Heaven; Earlier in the week we took a look at NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 580, their latest DirectX 11 graphics card which enters the market as replacement for the GTX 480. During that review we looked at the performance of the product at its reference speeds in single card and SLI mode, including 3-way. As a comparison we covered the GTX 480 and 5870 in single and dual card modes while touching briefly on the 6870 and 5970. There are of course numerous different versions of each product with manufacturers looking to differentiate their card from the competition and so today we felt it was worth looking at a slightly different comparison.

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toaster2992d ago

Good article, it's amazing that the 580 can hold it's own against the dual GPU 5970 and the dual card 6870 setups. I'm an nVidia guy but I have to hand it to AMD for making such great cards with the 6xxx series, the performance really shows but their drivers are still crap, 10.10e just rolled out and it hasn't even been a month yet. I would lean towards the 580 myself since I don't want to worry about SLI profiles even though nVidia has been looking great in that area. Scaling on nVidia cards is far superior than on AMD CFX. Plus Physx just makes games so much better and more immersive and realistic.

CombineElite2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Great article and I accept any benchmarks that use max gaming settings w/ 4xAA and 16xAF at 1920 x 1080 using current drivers in which this site did great job.

As an AMD guy i can't lie as the GTX 580 is an impressive card that runs much cooler and quieter than a GTX 480.
If you get it you wont be disappointed.

but as you see in the benchmarks the 5970 is still king and cost way less than a GTX 580. For anyone to says the Nvidia sli scales better than AMD CF is wrong as the new HD6000 have shown fps increase of 92% to 100% in a variety of DX9 Dx10 and DX11 games.

Physx is a joke!! Seriously no game right now has Physx that will make you run out and buy it. Actually Cryostsis has the best use of physx as all others are just small touch ups here and there. Beside developers will be moving to Havok and Bullet Physics because they are opengl 4.0 and FREE where as Nvidia charges a fee.

Nvidia still holds the crown in Tessellation as with this very important feature is on then the GTX 580 would pull ahead of the HD5970 but be very close to the HD 6870 CF as this series has improved Tessellation than the HD5000.

One last thought the HD 6870 CF usually represents the performance level of one HD 6970 and a HD 6950 is equal to 2 HD 6850 and the HD 6990 is two HD 6950.

If your an Enthusiast gamer and need 2 2 GTX 580 then go for it! But if you just game on a very high level of gaming with all the eye candy on then their are several solutions to choose from including the GTX 460 sli that performs on par with a GTX 580 but is way cheaper.
GTX 580 $559
HD 5970 $499
HD 6870 $239 x 2 = $478
GTX 460 $199 x 2 = $398

Dac2u2992d ago

The 5970 is still widely sold for $650+, just because you can find a single Sapphire 5970 for $499, doesn't mean the 5970 is now a $500 card. Once Newegg runs out of stock for that specific Sapphire card, or their deal ends, I'm guessing the price for it will go back up to $650+. Aside from that one deal at Newegg, the 580 costs far less than the 5970.

TABSF2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )


Batman Arkham Asylum

Mirror's Edge


Metro 2033

Mafia II


Just Cause 2

3D Vision

Over 300 games that have good or excellent rating plus 11 games native
Not only Blu-ray 3D but all Blu-rays, DVDs and any other video supported by 3D Vision codex can be viewed in 3D

Nvidia not only owns the show on Hardware they also own the show on Software

PhysX, Cuda, 3D Vision and Open CL


GTX 580 ranging from £380 - £435
HD 5970 ranging from £460 - £895
HD 5970 ranging from £275 - £375

ProjectVulcan2992d ago

Nice benches but a little premature. Waiting until the 6990/6970/6950 are thrown into the mix and priced. These are the real contenders against GTX580- plus the word is GTX570 is very close on the horizon too so we will see what sort of value that can offer.

moe842991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Agreed Dac2u.

You also have to look at the cost at launch. The 580 costs a lot less than the 5970 did at it's initial release. Making it more readily accessible to more buyers. Plus you can have more than two running in one machine, it has an advantage.

Although for me, Eyefinity is hard to give up.

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Nihilism2992d ago

They did a pussy O.C on the 580. My 480 has higher clocks on all 3.

My 480= 201.7gb/s :D

TABSF2991d ago

Have seen a GTX 580 at 955MHz/ 1910MHz/ 4800MHz

NYC_Gamer2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

just imagine the 69 series when it finally launches...but props to nvidia for releasing a card that should have came along time ago...

Shackdaddy8362992d ago

I was just about to say that :)

I cant wait till the 69xx series comes out. Its going to be so BEAST.

awiseman2992d ago

I still prefer Nvidia although I dislike their higher prices.

ct032992d ago

If I have two cards that perform similarly and cost a similar amount, but one of them has no SLI or Crossfire compatibility problems due to being a single chip solution, has PhysX, has much better tessellation, has much better 3D then that's the one I pick.

a08andan2992d ago

Imagine the performance of a Nvidia GTX 590? with Dual-gpus on it :P That would kick ass, but would probably be extremely expensive :P

Tsar4ever012992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

GTX580 is the update version of the GTX480 right? Higher frame rates, cooler heat-sync, and quieter? Ok then.

I unofficially choose the Nvidia GTX-580 graphic's GPU for the up cumming PLAYSTION 4. In about 2012-13 this gpu's chip price should drop low enough & it will be considerably customized to reach sony's graphical output goals so it could be implemented on the PS4's new mother board for a reasonable cost, to sony.

place your bets, peeps. any wagers?

STONEY42992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Too bad the GTX 580 costs $560, so unless you want a $800+ PS4, I wouldn't consider it.

"In about 2012-13 this gpu's chip price should drop low enough & it will be considerably customized to reach sony's graphical output goals so it could be implemented on the PS4's new mother board for a reasonable cost, to sony."

By that time, there will be FAR better cards, and GTX 580s equivalent would be considered low to mid range, probably low-end. Just look how quickly the 7900GX2 went from super high-end to low-end within a year, after the launch of the 8800GTX. And the 8800GTX (although it can still run all of todays games at 1680x1050 minumum at 60fps because of console ports) went from high-end to low-end after the GTX 2xx series released.

If a new console were to release right now, I'd say the GTX 460 or HD 6850 would be the most cost-efficient. In two years, given branding doesn't change, we'll be looking at the GTX7xx and HD 8xxx series.

Tsar4ever012992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Yeah, there be MUCH better cards than the GTX580 by 2012-13, but sony needs at least 2yrs to finalize the Ps4's design spec prior to the year the ps4 is release. So sony needs to choose the BEST GPU tech around at the time, right? Which is around this year or next year. The 480's WAY too wattage hungry. And the 580 is all around better(*by a small margin performance wise) and runs more cooler. which should please sony's tech team a good deal. If sony chooses a nvidia gpu too close of it's PS4 release, it sure to be WAY too expensive to sell at a reasonable price to the masses. This why I'm bankin' on whatever the best this year. which is the GTX580..........

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