Anti-Drug TV Spot Has GTA-like Theme

Game Politics happened to catch this PSA from the Parents: the Antidrug website:

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MK_Red4117d ago

Kinda ironic considering those stupid politics are calling GTA anti-social and bad for society and yet the game's theme is used for something positive and helpful.

jay34117d ago

Yup. Another misconception made by modern parents.

Ahhhh4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

To me that looked sorta like the cut scenes from N4S:Carbon after you get arrested by the cops. Cept for the gun icon and the health. lol

Phantom_Lee4117d ago

man...that mom is rude...that character told her some nice tips...and all he wanted was to restart the game....she can just say no...but she had to shut the game down....

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The story is too old to be commented.