Treyarch “didn’t really get the credit” it deserved for work on MW2 multiplayer tech, says Kotick

With the ongoing legal battle between Activision, Infinity Ward, and former employees of the firm, neither side can really discuss anything in great detail regarding the drama which ensued earlier this year.

However, with the amount of folks exiting Infinity Ward in the first month or so, it had the gaming public wondering if Activision could recover from the loss of talent.

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wat6342989d ago

Treyarch is talent right there!

I didnt like any of infinity's work, like call of duty 1,2,4, and especially 6.

I personally like treyarchs games, like 3,5, and 7.

nickjkl2988d ago

5 and 7 wtf when did those come out

all i see are world at war and black ops

Motorola2988d ago

You didnt like Call of duty 4...yet you like World at war.....and you didnt like COD2...yet you like 3...? No one liked cant be serious

El_Colombiano2988d ago

I enjoyed World at War more than Modern Warfare.

Bull5hifT2988d ago

I never played call of duty 2 but i remember it got much praise back then, but i enjoyed call of duty 4 alot, my setup was g36 silencer red dot scope smoke or flash grenades, claymores, deeper penatration, fast running, and like slight of hand i think or something where i was super quiet........ I love black ops so far, even though its a bit way over exagerated for 1960-70's technology.... Soo far using decoys and setting up claymores get me a gauranteed kill, dumbasses running to the red dot, i enjoyed MW2 alot at first then something just didnt hold my intrest, i hated WAW storyline, felt like more work than fun, the zombie mode and co-op was cool,, i Really enjoyed playing those Co-Op missions in MW2 it felt great when we survived alk that bullshit, i wanna be a jauggerknaught

JLeVRT2988d ago

(Im gonna get some disagrees)
Infinity Ward is the better company. I do have to admit. They dropped the ball with MW2 and Activision overpriced those map packs... not IW. Dont hate on IW... please... they made CoD4. They created CoD and theyre the reason alot of people play CoD today (CoD4)

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Shackdaddy8362989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

You mean like interrogating the employees and promising them money that they wouldn't give?

Just keep trolling Bobby... You'll get whats coming to ya eventually.

scar202989d ago

You mean like losing the lawsuit against vince and jason.

RIPSKATEDESTROY2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

or did you mean a house made out of money?

AKA2989d ago

mw2 lags is worse then SOCOM CONFRONTATION but reviews give one 6's and the other one 9's and 10's why?

socomnick2988d ago

mw2 lags more than socom you must be smoking crack.

Motorola2988d ago

thats exactly what he said ^

isa_scout2988d ago

i agree with all the above comments, and even though bobby IS a complete ass i still think black ops is a far better game than MW2. is it as good as MW1?no, but will any COD be that good again? i highly doubt it

VenomProject2988d ago

"Hands off me Lucky Charms!"

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The story is too old to be commented.