PS3 Tales Games in English: A Call to Arms

Heath Hindman encourages Tales fans to make their voices heard, despite bleak outlooks. He says, "They can and will ignore 5 of these. They can and will ignore 500 of these. Heck, they could reasonably shrug off 20,000 of these. But how much is too much? Will it take 50,000? 750,000? Eleventy million? There has to be a breaking point somewhere, does there not?"

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Kain812949d ago

done it, hope our prayers will be heard

Yi-Long2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

... I definitely wouldn't buy it if it doesn't have the option for the original voices.

Plus, cut-scenes should be skipable.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind cutscenes, but when I quickly want to show the game to someone, I don't want to be stuck for minutes having to watch them.

I played the game on the Wii with english voices only AND unskippable cutscenes. It was awful. Wouldn't spend a buck on it.

Redempteur2948d ago

cut scènes are skippable on both graces and vesperia PS3

Neckbear2949d ago

I'm usually not part of an annoying fanbase, but this is worth it.

FarEastOrient2948d ago

Nothing is ever too late, look at how long it took before the entire Final Fantasy series reached the United States.

imoutofthecontest2948d ago

See also Sakura Wars 5 for PS2 (took 5 years!)

KiasuKiasiMan2949d ago

Hmm, isn't spamming Namco's Facebook wall already one of the actions?

I mean their wall is perpetually spammed by Tales localization requests.

knifefight2949d ago

Well cool I'mma go do that too lol

QuantumSponge2948d ago

It's where they tell their fans to direct said requests so they can summarily ignore them. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.