Nintendo Confident Under Holiday Pressure

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has said that he feels confident that Nintendo will stand up to holiday pressure even without any hardware releases like their rivals.

Both Sony and Microsoft have released their own interactive motion capturing devices in the forms of the Xbox 360s Kinect and Playstation Move. Talking to FOXBuisness Fils-Aime said “Consumers are certain going to gravitate to quality and familiar names of themselves or their children and that consumer dynamic, I think, will play in to our favor this holiday season.”

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Gam3s4lif32899d ago

hmmm....Ain't they the only(one of the few) company that is always confident?
eg: Motion devices - now Sony and Microsoft is completing against it with their respective motion add on. etc

seinfan2899d ago

They're "competing" with Wii's motion controls because they think that's what sold so many units. Reality: in the midst of having 3 choices for whining kids that want a system, parents opt for the cheapest console, which has been the Wii up until about half a year ago..

Knushwood Butt2899d ago

Even without hardware releases?

I thought they had the Wii Motion + built into a Wiimote thing?

Cuz people are going to go crazy over that!! With a whole 4 games out there that support Wii Motion +. Bargain!

Killer62899d ago

Well now every console is basically a Wii with better graphics, i don't know how they can be.

EddyD2899d ago

Only difference is the price obviously.

Moentjers2899d ago

and the gigantic casual games library the Wii already has.

lizard812882899d ago

They have GoldenEye
Sonic Colors
Epic Yarn
Epic Mickey
and DKCR

Killer62899d ago

That sir, is disgusting.

seinfan2899d ago

I just noticed somebody disagreed with your comment. They must love shit.

EddyD2899d ago

Oh come on, what the fuck!