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Playing a new Call Of Duty can feel a little like Groundhog Day. Activision banks on it. The increasingly familiar hype campaign is launched, record pre-orders follow, and this year’s update waltzes to the top of the Christmas charts. But Black Ops has an extra importance as the first Treyarch game since the Infinity Ward unpleasantness, and the narrative arc fed to the press is simple: this is going to be the B-team stepping up and knocking it for six. Like all action blockbusters, Black Ops should be a feel-good story.

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Yi-Long2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

...the CoD fanboys are going to be upset.... :D

Personally though, I don't really like on-rails shooters, so a 7 would probably be pretty much what I would grade it.

It's just Activision doing what they do best: they keep rehashing and milking their old ideas in their new games, and the fans love it and lap it up. Sadly.

Rush2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Personally I would give every COD after 2 and 4 a 7 or lower there just the same game with broken arcade multiplayer.

I personally really liked COD2 back on the PC when it wasn't played by a mass of 12 year old it really was a great game.

I can respect COD4 for really opening up the FPS to the mass market like Halo had done before it. although personally I didn't like the game but I think am alone mostly on that one.

But then after that it's just been the same rehashed game from COD4 Activison haven't done anything of note since then and yet idiots keep buying it for insane prices.

I will take CounterStrike:Source over any COD game expect possibly 2.

Edit, for typo

CrippleH2986d ago

I wouldn't compare Counter Strike to Call of Duty 4 and others. It's an insult.

Counter Strike actually take a ton of skill while anybody can get kills in COD4.

Droid Control2986d ago

have failed to live up to the shear awesomeness that was Modern Warfare. The franchise feels milked out to me. Its why i've chosen not to buy Black Ops.

Perjoss2986d ago

playing too much FPS will make you bored of them, after all, they are just point and click unless you play a shooter with a twist to the gameplay like Bioshock.

Military shooters almost always follow the same formula:

- kill 10 enemies before moving on
- plant the explosives and get out of range
- get on the mounted weapon on the vehichle

repeat 10 times and 4 or 5 hours later, game done.

Gamer_Z2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

This game is no longer special like COD4 was. BO is built for the masses of sheep that think they are good at COD when they actually suck balls. My 8 year old little brother loves this game, he gets 15 to 20 kills a game! but only gets 1 to 2 kills a game on COD4.

KotC2986d ago

A 7 from Edge is like a 9.

big_silky2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

no, a 7 is a 7 no matter who it's from. some reviewers simply aren't dopes who are swayed by popularity or fear a "fanboy backlash".

i don't always agree with edge but they're leagues better than sites like ign that hand out 9s and 10s so often that they're meaningless. anybody who gives cod damn near 10s after 4 years of carbon copy games is effin high.

1112223332986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

"hand out 9s and 10s so often that they're meaningless"

So a game should automatically be given a lower score depending on how many other games have been ranked highly recently.

Good logic there. It would seem you're one of those that don't actually read reviews, but just look at the score.

P.S I'm not talking about IGN, but reviews in general, and I agree with the first paragraph.

QuantumSponge2986d ago

Trying to apply an objective scale to a subjective subject matter is fallacious. Just read the damn review text.

KotC2986d ago

I guess what I should have said was "A 7 from Edge is like a 9 everywhere else because EDGE seems to score lower than most popular reviewers." I assumed some people would figure out thats what I meant in short text. Sorry, Twitter and Cell habits..

Droid Control2986d ago

I'm sick of all this sh!t.

A 7 is a 7, a 9 is a 9.

I'm not saying EDGE are better reviewers than others, i'm simply saying that when looking at review scores, take them for what they are, not for what you want them to be.

Lazy_Gamer2986d ago

Well, they say that even the most loyal dogs get upset if you keep feeding the same beef with a different skin. Get it?

ambientFLIER2986d ago

Dogs are happy as long as you feed them, period.

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